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Indirect neurotrophic effect of neuropeptide ZNC(C)PR on PC12 cells via peptide-stimulation of C6 cells

Qing-Wu Yan, Xiao-Guang Zhen, Tong-Xi Wang, Kan-Yan Xu, Ming Dong, Yu-Cang Du


To understand the mechanism of neurotrophic action of neuropeptide ZNC(C)PR and its effect on which could affect both growth and apoptosis of C6 cells.
Effects of ZNC(C)PR-treated C6 conditioned medium was observed on on culture of PC12 cells. The development of PC12 cells was determined by ratio of neurite-bearing cells in the total cells. The specific binding of ZNC(C)PR on C6 cells was determined by radioligand binding assay (RBA).
ZNC(C)PR-treated C6 conditioned medium increased the ratio of neurite-bearing PC12 cells by 36% compared to the untreated C6 conditioned medium or to a mixture of ZNC(C)PR with the untreated C6 conditioned medium. RBA showed a specific binding site of ZNC(C)PR on C6 cells with Kd value of 2.74 nmol.L-1 and Bmax value of 19 pmol.g-1 protein.
ZNC(C)PR enhanced C6 cells induced secretion of some neurotrophic factors which acted as enhancers for PC12 cells differentiation, through its specific receptor sites on the neuroglioma cell."

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