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Effects of huangqi jianzhong tang on hematological and biochemical parameters in judo athletes

Authors: Yi-Chang Su, Chien-Jung Lin, Kung-Tung Chen, Shen-Ming Lee, Jui-Shan Lin, Chen-Chen Tsai, Yu Chou, Jaung-Geng Lin


Aim: The purpose of the study was to investigate the effects of Huangqi Jianzhong Tang (HQJZT) on hematological and biochemical parameters in judo athletes.
Methods: Sixteen male and eight female judo athletes in Hsin-Ming senior high school were randomly and stratified divided into control and experimental group, which received placebo and HQJZT respectively during the five-week training program. The measurement of the hematological and biochemical parameters was performed twice, just before and after the training. The data was analyzed with paired-t test and ANOVA.
Results: The values of RBC, Hb, and Hct were obvious decreased after intervention, while the value of GOT, GPT, BUN, and CK was elevated.
Conclusion: The results indicated the hematological and biochemical changes were caused by the physical training but not the effects of HQJZT. The HQJZT had no adverse effects on the judo athletes in our study.

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