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Antioxidant properties of phenolic diterpenes from Rosmarinus officinalis

Authors: Hui-Hui Zeng, Peng-Fei Tu, Kan Zhou, Hui Wang, Bao-Huai Wang, Jing-Fen Lu


Aim: To investigate the inhibition capacities of carnosol, rosmanol, and epirosmanol, which are phenolic diterpenes from Rosmarinus officinalis, to oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LDL) formation in human blood and detect their scavenging activities to lipid free radical and superoxide anion in vitro.
Methods: The antioxidant activities which were expressed with the inhibilities to lipid free radicals in the membrane lipid of cell and oxidized LDL formation were evaluated by TBARS assay and ESR method. The inhibition on the Cu2+-mediated oxidization of apo B formation in LDL was investigated by fluorescence spectroscopy.
Results: Carnosol, rosmanol, and epirosmanol had an inhibitory activity to lipid peroxidation and oxidized apo B formation in human bloods LDL. The IC50 were 7-10 micromol/L. The antioxidant mechanism was related to the scavenging activities to lipid free radical.
Conclusion: carnosol, rosmanol, and epirosmanol showed the activity in inhibiting LDL oxidation.

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