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Selective effects of alfuzosin and doxazosin with intraduodenal administration on urethral pressure of cats

Zhi-hui Yang, Lei-ming Ren, Zhan-jun Wu, Shao-xuan Fu, Yun-shan Li


To observe the selective effects of alfuzosin (Alf) and doxazosin (Dox) on the urethral pressure by different administration routes.
The urethral pressure of the anesthetized cat was increased by electric stimulation of the hypogastric nerve. The different effects of Alf or Dox on the arterial blood pressure and urethral pressure between intraduodenal administration (i.d.) and intravenous infusion (i.v.) were compared.
When the hypogastric nerve was stimulated by electric stimulation (10 Hz, 25 V), the ratios of ED20(BP)/ED50(UP) i.d. to ED20(BP)/ED50(UP) i.v. were 10.9:4.3 for Alf, and 3.1:2.1 for Dox. The reduction in urethral pressure induced by i.d. Alf was greater than that by i.v. Alf. Dox did not show any difference in its effects by 2 administration routes.
Intraduodenal administration of Alf, but not Dox, selectively decreased the urethral pressure elevated by electric stimulation. The uroselectivity of i.d. Alf was not due to the species difference in its bioavailability and biotransformation.

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