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Effects of anordrin, droloxifene, nomegestrol, and mifepristone on cultured rat luteal cell apoptosis

Ying Leng, Bo Yang, Lin Cao, Zhi-ping Gu


To study the effect of four kinds of antifertility agents anordrin(Ano), droloxifene(Dro), nomegestrol (Nom), and mifepristone (Mif) on luteal cell apoptosis.
Cultured rat luteal cells were incubated with different agents. HE stain was used to observe morphological changes. Extracted DNA was electrophoresed on agarose gel. Apoptotic cells were quantitated by flow cytometry.
All 4 drugs reduced cell viability. Dro induced apoptosis while the other 3 drugs induced necrosis. Typical DNA ladders were observed after cells were incubated with Dro and there were 15.4%, 75.4%, or 90.5% apoptotic cells after treatment with Dro 1.25, 2.5, or 3.75 mg.L-1, respectively.
Dro induced apoptosis while Ano, Nom, and Mif induced necrosis in cultured rat luteal cells.

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