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Effects of scopolamine and physostigmine on acquisition of morphine-treated rats in Morris water maze performance.

Authors: Xi-Geng ZHENG, Xin-Wang LI, Xiao-Yan YANG, Nan SUI


AIM: To investigate effects of morphine on acquisition process of rats a nd
interactions of opioid and cholinergic systems by Morris water maze performance.
METHODS: Morris water maze was used to measure the latency of rats with drug s
treatment to find the covert platform.
RESULTS: Chronic morphine administration (10 mg/kg) impaired the acquisition
process of rats in Morris water maze task. Appreciable difference was identified
with morphine 10 mg/k g group compared with morphine 3 mg/kg group.
Co-administration of morphine (10 mg/kg) and scopolamine (3 mg/kg) aggravated
acquisition impairment induced by morphine 1 0 mg/kg or scopolamine alone, though
scopolamine itself induced no salient changes in acquisition capabilities of
rats. In addition, physostigmine (0.1 mg/kg) could appreciably attenuate
morphine-induced acquisition impairment.
CONCLUSION: Morphine 10 mg/kg evidently impaired acquisition process of rats.
There was a close relationship between the acquisition capabilities of
morphine-treated rats and the functions of cholinergic system.

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