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Hypoglycemic efficacy of pulmonary delivered insulin dry powder aerosol in rats.

Authors: Xi-Jing CHEN, Jia-Bi ZHU, Guang-Ji WANG, Ming-Xia ZHOU, Fu-Meng XIN, Na ZHANG, Cheng-Xi WANG, Yue-Ning XU


AIM: To observe the hypoglycemic efficacy of pulmonary delivery of insulin in dry
powder aerosol form.
METHODS: Insulin dry powder, made of insulin and other proper materials, was
insufflated in rat lung from an incision in the throat. Meanwhile, insulin
injection was administered to other rats. Glucose concentration in blood was
determined in the following 7 h. The areas above the curve (AAC) of glucose
concentration in blood were used to evaluate the efficacy.
RESULTS: The percent minimum blood glucose levels, compared with the glucose
levels before the administration, for pulmonary deliver ed insulin at the doses
of 20, 10, 5, and 2.5 U/kg were 6.5 %, 16.6 %, 24.6 %, and 57.0 %, respectively.
The AAC of insulin 5 U/kg by pulmonary delivery was very close to that of
subcutaneous administration at the same dose. There was a linear relationship
between AAC and the logarithmic dose of pulmonary delivered insulin.
CONCLUSION: The pulmonary delivery of insulin acts effectively and rapidly.

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