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Cloning and characterization of a novel isoform of calpastatin in human adult testis.

Authors: Hu ZHU, Zuo-Min ZHOU, Jian-Min LI, Hui ZHU, Li-Jun CHENG, Yu-Xi SHAN, Lan-Lan YIN, Jia-Hao SHA


AIM: To clone a new gene related to human spermatogenesis.
METHODS: cDNA probes of embryo and adult testis were used to hybridize the cDNA
microarray of adult testis, and the clones of differential hybridization were
sequenced and analyzed.
RESULTS: A novel isoform of calpastatin exclusively and highly expressed in human
adult testis was found.
CONCLUSION: A novel isoform of calpastatin expresses in human testis and it is
related to spermatogenesis.

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