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Beneficial effects of long-term administration of ONO-3144, a free radical scavenger, on stroke-prone SHR.

Authors: Hideaki HIGASHINO, Kana MAEDA, Masazumi KAWAMOTO, Hiroshi ENDO, Wen-Hsiung LEE


To clarify the preventive effects of ONO-3144, a free radical scavenger, on
stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRSP) and free radicals related to
the hypertensive disorders.METHODS: Drugs with powdered chow were administered
orally to the rats from 2- to 14-month-old. Body weight, blood pressure, rectal
temperature, oxygen consumption rate, thyroid hormones, lipids, platelet number,
ocular fundus, autopsy, and life span were investigated.
RESULTS: ONO-3144 did not affect the growth, blood pressure, concentrations of
thyroid hormones and lipids in the blood, but decreased the rectal temperature
and oxygen consumption rate. ONO-3144 also prevented the platelet number
decrease, sclerotic change of retinal artery, edematous and hypertrophic changes
in parenchymal and circulatory organs. Both the average life-span and the longest
life time of SHRSP given 40 mg/kg ONO-3144 were longer than those of normotensive
rats and no administration hypertensive rats.
CONCLUSION: The oxidative f ree radicals closely relate to hypertension-induced
pathophysiological changes in SHRSP, and ONO-3144 prevents the changes of those
disorders, and then brings longevity.

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