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Effects of hepatocyte growth-promoting factor and panax notoginseng saponins on intrasplenic hepatocellular autotransplantation

Xiao-Geng Deng, Ji-Sheng Chen, Wei-Qiang Chen, Bing-Sheng Zeng, Qing-Jia Ou


Aim: To increase the weight of liver tissue mass present in spleen and to shorten the regeneration period of transplanted hepatocytes by stimulating DNA synthesis and protection against ischemic-reperfusion injury.
Methods: Hepatocyte growth-promoting factor (PHGF) and panax notoginseng saponins (PNGS) were used after intrasplenic hepatocellular autologous transplantation (IHAT) with 70 % partial hepatectomy. Histological examinations were carried out under both light and electron microscopy and content of ALT in hepatized spleen homogenate was investigated 2 weeks after transplantation. Furthermore, 99mTc diethyl-iminodiacetic acid (99mTc-HIDA) splenic scintiphotography was carried out and proliferation index of transplanted hepatocytes was detected by flow cytometry at the 12th week after operation.
Results: (1) Hepatocellular degeneration was slightly less in group B [intrasplenic hepatocyte autologous transplantation (IHAT) + PNGS 25 mg/kg, im, qd] vs the control group (group C, IHAT without drugs) at the 2nd week after transplantation, and the ALT content of group B (928 U/g +/- 268 U/g) was higher than that of group C (639 U/g +/- 138 U/g, P < 0.01). (2) At the 12th week, hepatocellular regeneration in group A (IHAT + PHGF 5 mg/kg, im, qd) was obviously better than that in group C, and the ALT content (2325 U/g +/- 401 U/g ), the radioactivity accumulation of 99mTc-HIDA (58 Bq +/- 18 Bq), and proliferation index (3.8 % +/- 0.4 %) of group A were all higher than those of control (P < 0.05).
Conclusion: PHGF has effects in increasing the weight of liver tissue grown in spleen and shortening the regeneration period of the transplanted hepatocytes, while PNGS has certain effects on protecting the hepatocytes against ischemic reperfusion injury in the early stage of transplantation.

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