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Learning deficits induced by 4 belladonna alkaloids are preferentially attenuated by tacrine

Si-Yuan Pan, Yi-Fan Han


To examine the antagonism of tacrine on the amnesic effects of scopolamine (Sco), anisodine (AT3), atropine (Atr), and anisodamine (Ani).
Cognitive functions and locomotor activities were determined using two sessions of step-through and open-field tests, respectively. Mice were injected with one of the belladonna alkaloids (0.05-50 mumol.kg-1, i.p.) and tacrine (50 mumol.kg-1, s.c.) 30 min before the first session.
Tacrine completely blocked the avoidance-learning deficit caused by Sco 0.5 mumol.kg-1, AT3 and Atr 5 mumol.kg-1, or Ani 50 mumol.kg-1. But tacrine partly antagonized the learning deficit induced by Sco 5-50 mumol.kg-1 or Atr and AT3 50 mumol.kg-1. The avoidance-memory deficit caused by Sco 0.05-5 mumol.kg-1 or Atr 5 mumol.kg-1 was completely or partly attenuated by tacrine, which did not antagonize the memory deficit elicited by Sco and Atr 50 mumol.kg-1, AT3 5 and 50 mumol.kg-1, and Ani 50 mumol.kg-1. During the acquisition, the locomotor activity of the mice was inhibited by tacrine. This reduction was completely antagonized by Sco 0.5-50 mumol.kg-1, AT3 5-50 mumol.kg-1, Atr 5-50 mumol.kg-1, and only partly antagonized by AT3 and Atr 0.5 mumol.kg-1 or Ani 50 mumol.kg-1.
Compared with the avoidance-memory deficit, the avoidance-learning deficit caused by belladonna alkaloids is more preferentially attenuated by tacrine."

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