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Effect of anisodine on acute forebrain ischemia-reperfusion damage in rats.

Wei Xu, Yi-Feng Deng



To study the protective effect of anisodine (Ani) on acute forebrain ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats.


Both vertebral arteries were occluded by electrocautery. Severe, but transient bilateral cerebral ischemia was produced by clamping both common carotid arteries in rats. Atomic absorption spectrophotometric and spectrophotometric methods were used to determine the contents of calcium and extravasated Evans blue (EB), respectively, remained in forebrain at 60-min recirculation after 30-min ischemia.


At 60-min recirculation, the brain calcium contents were increased from 112 +/- 6 micrograms/g brain dry weight in control (sham operation) group to 165 +/- 7 micrograms/g brain dry weight with marked increase of EB extravasation. Ani (2.5 mg.kg-1, i.p.), and scopolamine (Sco, 0.25 mg.kg-1, i.p.) decreased the elevated calcium and extravasated EB contents.


Ani prevented the brain from ischemia insults through reducing intracellular calcium accumulation resulted from ischemia and reperfusion.

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