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Single channel analysis on calcium channel blockade action of panaxadiol and panaxatriol saponins on cultured rat ventricular myocytes

Authors: Wen-jie Zhang, Guo-gan Zhong, Yan Jiang, Xiao-ming Wang, Zhong-feng Wang


Wistar rat ventricular myocytes were isolated. Panaxadiol saponins 1500 micrograms.ml-1, panaxatriol saponins 300 micrograms.ml-1, verapamil 37.5 micrograms.ml-1, or BAY k 8644 5 mumol.L-1 were added into the bath solution separately. The single channel activities of L, T, and B type calcium channels were recorded before and after the administration, using voltage patch-clamp technique in cell-attached configuration. The calcium channel blockade effect of these 2 groups of ginsenosides was authenticated verified. The mechanism existed in the decrease in both the open time and the open-state probability of the calcium channel

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