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Inhibitory effect of tetrandrine on C fiber activation-induced contractions in trachea and bronchus of guinea pig

Authors: Li-ben FANG, Qiu-huo YANG, Ru-lian BIAN


AIM: To study the inhibitory effects of tetrandrine (Tet) on an activation of the sensory nervous C fibers in isolated trachea and bronchus of guinea pig.
METHOD: The electric field stimulation induced a phase II contraction of the preparations, which was due to an activation of the C fifers. The effects of Tet on phase II contraction were analyzed.
RESULTS: Tet 0.3-30 mumol.L(-1) inhibited phase II contractions in a concentration-dependent manner. That phase II contractions inhibited by Tet 1 mumol.L(-1) were 40 +/- 38% and 75 +/- 22% of control in tracheae and bronchi respectively. After pretreatment with chlorphenamine or atropine phase II contraction were still reduced by Tet 1 mumol.L(-1), inhibitory rates being 70 +/- 16% and 64 +/- 16% of control, respectively. The contractile responses of the preparations to exogenous substance P, however, were unaffected by treatment with Tet 1 mumol.L(-1).
CONCLUSION: Tet 1 mumol.L(-1) inhibits phase II contraction, related to the inhibition of local release of neuropeptides from C fibers of guinea pig airway.

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