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Effects of ginsenosides and demethylcoclaurine on hemodynamics in dogs under septic shock

You-tang SHEN, Jian QIAO, Shao-ming YU, Min JI, Shu-fen JIN


Endotoxin shock was produced in 13 anesthetized mongrel dogs. Vpm, +dP/dt, LVP, SAP, DAP, and MAP were markedly reduced in 8 control dogs after I endotoxin of Escherichia coli (10 mg/kg), while Vpm, +dP/dt and LVP were not obviously changed in dogs given iv ginsenosides 50 mg/kg and dl-demethyl-coclaurine (higenamine) 0.6 mg/kg at the beginning of shock. There was s significant difference between the 2 groups. The reduction of Vpm in treated dogs appeared at about 3 h after endotoxin. SAP, DAP and MAP gradually returned to control level. The results suggested that combined iv of ginsenosides and demethylcoclaurine prevented the depressive effects in myocardial function and gradually restored peripheral blood pressure during endotoxin shock.

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