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Tissue distribution and excretion of 170thulium in rats

Authors: Shou-Peng Zhu, Chong-Dao Wang, Gen-Fa Cao, Liu-Yi Wang


Tissue distribution and excretion of 170TmCl3 in Wistar rats were measured by homogeneous liquid scintillation counting for 91 d. The radioactivities of blood, skeleton, liver, kidney and lung in various experimental intervals after iv 170Tm 18.5 MBq/kg have been observed. The dynamic distribution of radioactivity in the body showed that 170Tm was firstly and chiefly localized in its skeleton. 170Tm showed a highly selective retention in skeleton 2 h after iv administration and deposited mainly in the skeleton throughout the 91 d.
The excretion of 170TmCl3 was chiefly via the urine. The excretion data in the urine were well described by a three-exponential expression.
U(t)=0.0335e(-0.693/4.82 t)+0.0036e(-0.693/7.37 t)+0.0012(-0.693/330 t)
Biological t(1/2) in urine ranged from 4.8 d for the fast component to 330 d for the slow component.

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