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Thin layer chromatographic fluorometry of artemisinin and deoxyartemisinin

Authors: Dun-Rui Wang, Xing-Yu Lin, Hui-Zhu Zhang


A new thin layer chromatography method with fluorescence detection for the quantitation of artemisinin and its derivative deoxyartemisinin is described. Artemisinin and deoxyartemisinin in the samples were extracted with ether. The fluorescence was produced by heating the plate impregnated with H2SO4: HAc system after TLC and quantitatively determined by in situ scanning. The lower limit of the detection of artemisinin and deoxyartemisinin were 60 and l0 ng respectively.
Artemisinin reached the highest concentration, the peak value, in mice at 30 min after ip 500 mg/kg. A two-compartment model for artemisinin described the serum concentration time curve.

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