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Emesis induced by cisplatin and sulfatol 2-diaminocyclohexaneplatinum in dogs and the antiemetics

Mei-ling HUO, Yuan-shu WANG, Peng WANG, Yong-sheng XIANG, Jian-guo WANG


Vomitting was induced in dogs by iv sulfatol 2-diamiocyclohexaneplatinum (SHP) 1.5 mg/kg or cisplatin 3 mg/kg. The upsurge of vomiting appeared 1-2 h after SHP with a total of 10+/-3 emetic episodes while 2.5-3.5 h after cisplatin with a total of 16+/-5 episodes. Metoclopramide (im 1-2 mg/kg*3) +diphenhydramine (im 0.52 mg/kg*3) given 0.5 h before, 1 h and 2.5 h after SHP or cisplatin showed an antiemetic effect better than that of dexamethasone (im 0.13-0.2 mg/kg*3)+haloperidol (im 0.26 mg/kg*3). The dogs after medication showed sedation and sleepness.
It is postulated that the drug combinations that simultaneously block dopamine, muscarinic and histamine receptors in brain could subside the emesis.

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