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Effects of butylated hydroxyanisole on microsomal monooxygenase and drug metabolism

Ren-xiu PENG, Katherine F LEWIS, Chung Shu YANG


Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) has been shown previously to inhibit chemical carcinogenensis in experimental animals. When BHA was administered ig or through the food to male mice, the short term effect was the prolongation of hexobarbital sleeping time. Liver microsomal hexobarbital hydroxylase activity was inhibited the microsomal metabolism (demethylation) of ethylmorphine, benzphetamine, and p-nitroanisole. Long term treatment with dietary BHA, however, induced the microsomal hexobarbital hydroxylase activity and shortened the sleeping time. The induction was accompanied by a decrease of a 43 000 dalton protein species in the 49 000-57 000 dalton region. Microsomal demethylase activities with ethylmorphine, benzphetamine and p-nitro-anisole were not increased by dietary BHA.
The results suggest that specific cytochrome P-450 enzymes are induced by BHA pretreatment.

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