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Gene expression pattern in apoptotic QGY-7703 cells induced by homoharringtonine

Authors: Wei Jin, Le-feng Qu, Qin Chen, Xin-zhong Chang, Jiong Wu, Zhi-min Shao


Aim: To classify the genes responsible for apoptosis in QGY-7703 cells induced by homoharringtonine (HHT).
Methods: Apoptosis in QGY-7703 cells induced by HHT was demonstrated by DNA fragmentation and morphological observation. cDNA microarray technology was used to detect gene transcription, and the result of microarrays for genes was confirmed by RT-PCR.
Results: Seventy-eight individual mRNA were identified and their transcription levels changed significantly. Those genes, of which 68% were upregulated and 32% were downregulated, were partially related to apoptosis. They were mostly oncogenes, tumor suppressors, enzymes, and kinases.
Conclusion: HHT is a potential drug in the treatment of liver cancer. TGF-β, TNF, FAS, p38 MAPK, and p53 apoptosis signaling pathways were activated during apoptosis in QGY-7703 cells. Such inducible genes may play important roles in apoptosis and deserve to be further studied.

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