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Effect of fluorocarbon blood substitute on peripheral blood lymphocyte

Xun-cheng Ding, Chun-fang Liu, Gen-fa Wang, Zheng-li Yuan


The effect of perfluorocarbon emulsion (PFE) on mitogen phytohemagglutinin (PHA)-induced proliferative responses of peripheral blood lymphocytes were examined in rhesus monkeys and guinea pigs. [3H]TdR incorporation were followed to reflect lymphocytes transformation. Responses to PHA of the peripheral blood lymphocytes of 4 monkeys from iv infusion of PFE (60 ml/kg) were insignificant comparing with the pre-infusion. But the lymphocyte transformation index (LTI) in 24 h after infusion of PFE were markedly elevated. Infusion of 7—10 ml 25% PFE resulted in a half-dilution of the blood volumes in guinea pigs. Peripheral blood lymphocytes were cultured on d 3, 7, 11, and 15 to determine the response to PFE by measuring the uptake of [3H]TdR. After d 7 of exchange-transfusion, LTI to PHA were significantly increased. This trend indicates that PFE stimulates cellular immune system.

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