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Spermatocidal action of some fat-soluble chelating agents in pouches of caudae epididymides in rats

Zong-han Yu


The rat cauda epididymis was made into a pouch by 2 ligatures. Such a simple operation was used for screening spermatocides. Fifteen different compounds were separately injected into the pouches, and the sperms in them were examined after 2 d.
Three fat-soluble chelating agents (salicylaldehyde, o-vanillin and 8-hydroxyquinoline), like gossypol, killed the sperms in cauda epididymis. However, unlike gossypol, they did not impair the spermatogenesis after ig 40 mg/rat daily for 40 d except Sundays.
As a spermatocide, BAL was less effective than salicylaldehyde, o-vanillin, 8-hydroxyquinoline and gossypol.
Three water-soluble chelating agents (EDTA, DTPA and thiourea) did not kill the sperms directly.

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