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Influence of ambient temperature on lacrimation and salivation caused by adrenaline and noradrenaline in mice

Bao-hua Li, De-li Shen


At low ambient temperature (<15°C), adrenaline hydrochloride (A, 2 mg/kg, ip) and noradrenaline bitartrate (NA, 8 mg/kg, ip) increased lacrimation, but not salivation in mice. When the temperature was raised to 30°C, A and NA increased salivation but failed to increase lacrimation. These effects of elevated ambient temperature were abolished in mice anesthetized with pentobarbital sodium (40 mg/kg, ip), ethyl alcohol (3.5 g/kg, ip) or urethane (1 g/kg, ip). An increase of lacrimation, but not salivation, resumed in anesthetized mice.

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