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Metabolism of [9, 11-3H]estradiol-3-benzoate in rats (author's transl)

Authors: De-lin Wu, Xiu-long Zheng, Gi Chen, Li-min Zhang


[9,11-3H]Estradiol-3-ben- zoate 0.44 μCi/ml in neutral tea seed oil was injected into left gastrocnemius muscle of rats. About 80% was absorbed on d 1, and 99.8% in 8 d. TLC showed that the residual drug at the im site was similar to the authentic form. The biological t1/2 in blood =6 d. The radioactivities decreased in the order of liver, kidneys, adrenals, hypophysis, bone marrow, testes , and spleen. The excretion in 8 d accounted for 72% of the im dose via feces and 19% via urine.

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