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Effect of oxalysine on plasma fibrinogen content in tumor-bearing mice (author's transl)

Authors: Xiu-fang Yue, Fu-Geng Wu, Bin Xu


Oxalysine (I-677) is a new antitumor antibiotic found in our laboratory. In tumor-bearing mice the plasma fibrinogen level was determined by Astrup’s method. The plasma fibrinogen was elevated significantly in mice bearing B-22 and other solid tumors, but not in mice bearing ascites tumors. The uptake of [125I]fibrinogen in tumor tissue of B-22 was significantly higher than that of Ehrlich carcinoma cells (P<0.01).
Oxalysine inhibited markedly the solid forms of mouse tumor, but not the ascites forms. Oxalysine 0.20 g/kg reduced markedly the fibrinogen content in mice bearing B-22 to normal level. Lysine antagonized the fibrinogen-lowering effect of oxalysine in mice bearing solid tumor B-22.
The results suggest that fibrin lattice-work plays an important role in the growth of solid tumor and the antitumof activity of oxalysine may be associated with its inhibiting action on fibrinogen synthesis.

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