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Some cardiovascular effects of cyclovirobuxine-D (author's transl)

Authors: Xi-jiu Liu, Ming-hui Yao, Tai-hui Fang, Yun-ying Song, Bi-ying Wu, Rui-yuan Sun


Cyclovirobuxine-D (CVB) 0.1—0.2 mg/l or 0,2 g/l exerted positive inotropic and negative chronotropic effects on isolated toad and rabbit hearts. It showed neither synergistic nor additive effects with cardiac glucoside. Under normobaric hypoxia, CVB prolonged the survival time of mice. In 12 anesthetized dogs, iv CVB 1 mg/kg caused a significant increase in coronary blood flow, an inotropic effect, a decrease in heart rate and iv CVB 6—8 mg/kg caused cardiac arrhythmias and A—V block.
The acute iv, ip and po LD50 in mice were 8.9, 9.2, 293 mg/kg, respectively. In subacute toxic experiment in rabbits, the blood cell counts and ECG were not much changed. Histological examination revealed some localized necrotic lesions in the liver of 3 rabbits. It is suggested that the hepatic function should be watched during clinical trial with CVB.

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