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Topical delivery of silymarin constituents via the skin route

Chi-feng Hung, Yin-ku Lin, Li-wen Zhang, Ching-hsien Chang, Jia-you Fang
DOI: 10.1038/aps.2009.186


Aim: Silibinin (SB), silydianin (SD), and silychristin (SC) are components of silymarin. These compounds can be used to protect the skin from oxidative stress induced by ultraviolet (UV) irradiation and treat it. To this end, the absorption of silymarin constituents via the skin was examined in the present report.
Methods: Transport of SB, SD, and SC under the same thermodynamic activity through and into the skin and the effects of pH were studied in vitro using a Franz diffusion assembly.
Results: The lipophilicity increased in the order of SCin vivo topical application for 4 and 8 h, the skin deposition of SB was higher than those of SD and SC by 3.5~4.0- and 30~40-fold, respectively. The skin disruption and erythema test demonstrated that the topical application of these compounds for up to 24 h caused no apparent skin irritation.
Conclusion: The basic profi les of silymarin permeation via skin route were established.

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