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Effects of intracoronary injections of sodium tanshinone II-A sulfonate and dipyridamole on myocardial infarct size in acute ischemic dogs

Guo-jun Hu, Jian-guo Zhang, Wen-de Jiang, Pi-jing Wei


Determinations of epicardial electrogram and femoral arterial blood pressure were made after ligation of LAD. The myocardial infarct size was measured by N-BT technique at 24 h after LAD occlusion. In dogs with 1 mg/kg of sodium tanshinone II-A sulfonate or dipyridamole injected into the distal end of LAD beyond occlusion, the sizes of acute myocardial infarcts were significantly reduced, but neither epicardial S-T segment nor blood pressure showed significant changes.

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