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Structural comparisons of meptazinol with opioid analgesics

Authors: Wei LI, Jing-lai HAO, Yun TANG, Yan CHEN, Zhui-bai QIU


Aim: To investigate the mechanism of action of a potent analgesic, (±)-meptazinol.
Methods: The structures of meptazinol enantiomers were compared with opioid
pharmacophore and tramadol. Results: Neither enantiomer of meptazinol fitted
any patterns among the opioid pharmacophore and tramadol, although they did
share some structural and pharmacological similarities. However, the structure
superpositions implied that both enantiomers of meptazinol might share some
similar analgesic mechanisms with typical opiate analgesics. Conclusion:
Meptazinol should have a different mechanism of action to known analgesics,
which would be helpful in further investigations of meptazinol in the search for
non-addictive analgesics.

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