A new season of Chinese cardiovascular pharmacology research

Authors: Alex F CHEN, Ding-feng SU


In this issue of Acta Pharmacologica Sinica, we are proud
to present to our readers and colleagues a series of review
articles from several Chinese-American university laboratories
in USA[1–6] . These reviews are a collection of the proceedings
from the 8th Chinese Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Conference held on July 23–26, 2004 in Urumchi,
Xinjiang. As the first of its kind at any Chinese Pharmacological
Society meeting, a half-day research symposium in
English was held on the first day of this conference (an official
meeting of the society held every three years for Chinese
cardiovascular pharmacologists worldwide). The symposium
was co-sponsored by the Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Division of the Chinese Pharmacological Society and
the Academy of Cardiovascular Research Excellence (ACRE),
a non-profit academic organization in USA that includes many
of prominent American faculties from mainland China in the
field of cardiovascular research.

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