Vol 39, No 5 (May 2018): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica (Special Issue on Frontier in Medical Research and Drug Development)

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Review Article

Discovery and development of NA-1 for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke   Pages (661-668) Open
Targeting RNS/caveolin-1/MMP signaling cascades to protect against cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injuries: potential application for drug discovery   Pages (669-682) Open
Han-sen CHEN, Xi CHEN, Wen-ting LI, Jian-gang SHEN
The role of KATP channels in cerebral ischemic stroke and diabetes   Pages (683-694) Open
Vivian SZETO, Nai-hong CHEN, Hong-shuo SUN, Zhong-ping FENG
Pharmacological approaches promoting stem cellbased therapy following ischemic stroke insults   Pages (695-712)
Shu-zhen ZHU, Vivian SZETO, Mei-hua BAO, Hong-shuo SUN, Zhong-ping FENG
The role of TRPM2 channels in neurons, glial cells and the blood-brain barrier in cerebral ischemia and hypoxia   Pages (713-721) Open
Ekaterina TURLOVA, Zhong-ping FENG, Hong-shuo SUN
TRPM2: a candidate therapeutic target for treating neurological diseases   Pages (722-732) Open
Jillian Corinne BELROSE, Michael Frederick JACKSON
GABAergic inhibitory neurons as therapeutic targets for cognitive impairment in schizophrenia   Pages (733-753)
Meng-yi XU, Albert H C WONG
Proteostasis in Huntington’s disease: disease mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities   Pages (754-769)
Rachel J HARDING, Yu-feng TONG
Phoenixin: a novel brain-gut-skin peptide with multiple bioactivity   Pages (770-773)
Rong-Ming L YU, Alan COWAN, Ying ZHANG, Yi-Hung CHEN, Siok L DUN, Jaw-Kang CHANG, Nae J DUN, Jin Jun LUO
Phoenixin: uncovering its receptor, signaling and functions   Pages (774-778)
Emma K McIlwraith, Denise D BELSHAM
Curcumin and dietary polyphenol research: beyond drug discovery   Pages (779-786)
Tian-ru JIN
Overview of the anti-inflammatory effects, pharmacokinetic properties and clinical efficacies of arctigenin and arctiin from Arctium lappa L   Pages (787-801)
Qiong GAO, Mengbi YANG, Zhong ZUO
Salvia miltiorrhiza Burge (Danshen): a golden herbal medicine in cardiovascular therapeutics   Pages (802-824)
Zhuo-ming LI, Suo-wen XU, Pei-qing LIU
Importance of integrating nanotechnology with pharmacology and physiology for innovative drug delivery and therapy – an illustration with firsthand examples   Pages (825-844)
Rui Xue ZHANG, Jason LI, Tian ZHANG, Mohammad A AMINI, Chunsheng HE, Brian LU, Taksim AHMED, HoYin LIP, Andrew M RAUTH, Xiao Yu WU
Organ preservation: from the past to the future   Pages (845-857)
Lei JING, Leeann YAO, Michael ZHAO, Li-ping PENG, Mingyao LIU


Blockade of the swelling-induced chloride current attenuates the mouse neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury in vivo   Pages (858-865)
Raymond WONG, Ahmed ABUSSAUD, Joseph WH LEUNG, Bao-feng XU, Fei-ya LI, Sammen HUANG, Nai-hong CHEN, Guan-lei WANG, Zhong-ping FENG, Hong-shuo SUN
Inhibition of the G9a/GLP histone methyltransferase complex modulates anxiety-related behavior in mice   Pages (866-874)
Dong-yao WANG, Joel KOSOWAN, James SAMSOM, Laura LEUNG, Kai-lai ZHANG, Ying-xiang LI, Yan XIONG, Jian JIN, Arturas PETRONIS, Gabriel OH, Albert H C WONG
Xyloketal B exerts antihypertensive effect in renovascular hypertensive rats via the NO-sGC-cGMP pathway and calcium signaling   Pages (875-884)
Li-yan ZHAO, Jie LI, Xiong-qing HUANG, Guo-hao WANG, Xiao-fei LV, Wei-feng MENG, Wen-liang CHEN, Ji-yan PANG, Yong-cheng LIN, Hong-shuo SUN, Guan-lei WANG, Yao-min DU
MicroRNA expression profile and functional analysis reveal their roles in contact inhibition and its disruption switch of rat vascular smooth muscle cells   Pages (885-892)
Ye-ying SUN, Shan-shan QIN, Yun-hui CHENG, Chao-yun WANG, Xiao-jun LIU, Ying LIU, Xiu-li ZHANG, Wendy ZHANG, Jia-xin ZHAN, Shuai SHAO, Wei-hua BIAN, Bi-hui LUO, Dong-feng LU, Jian YANG, Chun-hua WANG, Chunxiang ZHANG
Epicatechin potentiation of glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in INS-1 cells is not dependent on its antioxidant activity   Pages (893-902)
Kaiyuan YANG, Catherine B CHAN