Vol 24, No 8 (August 2003): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Comparison of effects of MgCl2 and Gpp(NH)p on antagonist and agonist radioligand binding to adenosine A1 receptors Pages(729-740)
Keith Finlayson, Takuya Maemoto, Steven P Butcher, John Sharkey, Henry J Olverman
Mutation analysis of 20 SARS virus genome sequences: evidence for negative selection in replicase ORF1b and spike gene Pages(741-745)
Lan-Dian Hu, Guang-Yong Zheng, Hai-Song Jiang, Yu Xia, Yi Zhang, Xiang-Yin Kong
Agmatine blocked voltage-gated calcium channel in cultured rat hippocampal neurons Pages(746-750)
Xie-Chuan Weng, Xiao-Dan Gai, Jian-Quan Zheng, Jin Li
Intramuscular injection of interleukin-10 plasmid DNA prevented autoimmune diabetes in mice Pages(751-756)
Zhen-Lin Zhang, Shui-Xian Shen, Bo Lin, Lu-Yang Yu, Li-Hua Zhu, Wei-Ping Wang, Fei-Hong Luo, Li-He Guo
Effects of N-n-butyl haloperidol iodide on rat myocardial ischemia and reperfusion injury and L-type calcium current Pages(757-763)
Zhan-Qin Huang, Gang-Gang Shi, Jin-Hong Zheng, Bing Liu
Effect of Zn7-metallothionein on oxidative stress in liver of rats with severe thermal injury Pages(764-770)
Zhi-Bo Zhou, Hai-Qin Ding, Feng-Jun Qin, Lin Liu, Shi Cheng
Pathologic characteristics of immunologic injury in primary cultured rat hepatocytes and protective effect of glycyrrhizin in vitro Pages(771-777)
Qin-Zhu Zheng, Yi-Jia Lou
Hepatotoxicity and toxicokinetics of ketoconazole in rabbits Pages(778-782)
Yue-Ming Ma, Zhang-Qing Ma, Chang-Qing Gui, Jian-Sheng Yao, Rui-Yuan Sun
Non-NMDA receptors within caudal ventrolateral medulla are involved in transmission of baroreflex of rats Pages(783-789)
Wei-Zhong Wang, Wen-Jun Yuan, Yan-Xia Pan, Jie Bai, Mao-Yao Liao, Chao-Shu Tang
Effects of lipopolysaccharides on calcium homeostasis in isolated pancreatic acinar cells of rat Pages(790-795)
Hong Zhang, Yong-Yu Li, Sheng-Nian Wang, Kong-Hua Zhang, Xian-Zhong Wu
Effects of chiral 3-n-butylphthalide on apoptosis induced by transient focal cerebral ischemia in rats Pages(796-804)
Qing Chang, Xiao-Liang Wang
Sensitization and apoptosis augmentation of K562/ADM cells by anti-multidrug resistance gene peptide nucleic acid and antisense oligodeoxyribonucleotide Pages(805-811)
Hu-Lai Wei, Yong-Jie Wu, Tao Jing, De-Cheng Bai, Lan-Fang Ma
Angiotensin II and AT1 receptor in hypertrophied ventricles and aortas of sinoaortic-denervated rats Pages(812-818)
Chao-Yu Miao, Li-Min Zhang, Wen-Jun Yuan, Ding-Feng Su
Role of calcium mobilization in sodium nitroprusside-induced increase of calcium-activated potassium currents in gastric antral circular myocytes of guinea pig Pages(819-825)
Yong-Chun Yu, Hui-Shu Guo, Ying Li, Lin Piao, Lin Li, Zai-Liu Li, Wen-Xie Xu
Electrophysiologic effects of capsaicin on pacemaker cells in sinoatrial nodes of rabbits Pages(826-830)
Yan-Ping Cheng, Yi-He Wang, Li-Ping Cheng, Rui-Rong He
Effects of huperzine A on liver cytochrome P-450 in rats Pages(831-835)
Xiao-Chao Ma, Hai-Xue Wang, Jian Xin, Ting Zhang, Zeng-Hong Tu