Vol 24, No 4 (April 2003): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica


Advancements of antisense oligonucleotides in treatment of breast cancer. Pages:289-295
Shuan-Ping Yang, San-Tai Song, Hai-Feng Song

Original Article

Effect of antiemetic drugs on decrease in gastric emptying in experimental model of motion sickness in rats. Pages:296-300
YK Gupta, Geeta Chaudhary
Effect of aquaporin-1 deletion on pleural fluid transport. Pages:301-305
Jin-Jun Jiang, Chun-Xue Bai, Qun-Ying Hong, Min Zhang, Yuan-Lin Song
In vitro release and antibacterial activity of poly (oleic/linoleic acid dimer: sebacic acid)-gentamicin. Pages:306-310
Xiu-Fen Yang, Fan-Dian Zeng, Zhi-Bin Zhou, Kai-Xun Huang, Hui-Bi Xu
Modulation of IkappaB kinase autophosphorylation and activity following brain ischemia. Pages:311-315
Wan-Hua Shen, Chun-Yi Zhang, Guang-Yi Zhang
Effect of mexiletine on long QT syndrome model. Pages:316-320
Hong-Wei Wang, Yan-Qian Zheng, Zhi-Fang Yang, Ci-Zhen Li, Yuan-Mou Liu
Regulatory effect of Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides on cytotoxic T-lymphocytes induced by dendritic cells in vitro. Pages:321-326
Li-Zhen Cao, Zhi-Bin Lin
Functional alpha1-adrenergic receptor subtypes in human right gastroepiploic artery. Pages:327-331
Jiang-Li Han, You-Yi Zhang, Zhi-Zhen Lu, Jie-Min Mao, Min-Zhe Chen, Qi-De Han
Effect of neferine on toxicodynamics of dichlorvos for inhibiting rabbit cholinesterase. Pages:332-336
Yu-Qing Xiong, Fan-Dian Zeng
Effects of valsartan with or without benazepril on blood pressure, angiotensin II, and endoxin in patients with essential hypertension. Pages:337-341
Yong-Sheng Ke, Yue-Yu Tao, Hao Yang, Guo-Hua Yu