Vol 19, No 2 (March 1998): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Comparison of binding affinities of omega-conotoxin and amlodipine to N-type Ca2+ channels in rat brain. Pages:97-100
Ying-Li Qu, Kentaro Sugiyama, Toshio Ohnuki, Kaoru Hattori, Kenichi Watanabe, Takafumi Nagatomo
Enhancement of (-)-stepholidine on protein phosphorylation of a dopamine- and cAMP-regulated phosphoprotein in denervated striatum of oxidopamine-lesioned rats. Pages:100-103
Xiang Guo, Jian Liu, Ling-Long Zou, Jian Jin, Bo-Cheng Wang, Guo-Zhang Jin
Neuroprotective effects of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitors in transient focal cerebral ischemia of rats. Pages:104-108
An-Yang Sun, Jie-Shi Cheng
Enhancing effects of beta-endorphin on glutamate neurotoxicity. Pages:108-111
Li Zhu, Jing Gao, Juan Wu, Xiao-Ning Zhao, Zu-Xuan Zhang
Belladonna alkaloids-induced behavioral changes and amnesia on open-field and step-through in 18-, 28-, and 38-day-old mice. Pages:112-116
Si-Yuan Pan, Yi-Fan Han, Qiu-Ping Xu, Ming-Yan Liu, Hui-Zhen Ma, Wei-Jing Ding, Ren-Liang Zhu
Effects of dl-3-n-butylphthalide on regional cerebral blood flow in right middle cerebral artery occlusion rats. Pages:117-120
Chao-Hua Yan, Yi-Pu Feng, Jun-Tian Zhang
Construction of an inducible nitric-oxide synthase gene transferring vector mediated by retrovirus. Pages:121-127
Meng-Wei Zang, Xue-Xian Peng, Ping Hu, Jing-Sheng Liu
Effects of huperzine A on nucleus basalis magnocellularis lesion-induced spatial working memory deficit. Pages:128-132
Zhi-Qi Xiong, Dong-Hang Cheng, Xi-Can Tang
Inhibitory effect of antisense basic fibroblast growth factor oligonucleotides on proliferation of cultured aortic smooth muscle cells induced by angiotensin II in SHR rats. Pages:132-135
Guo-Hong Li, Guo-Jun Yang
Proliferation of aortic smooth muscle cells and renin-angiotensin system in SHR rats. Pages:136-140
Xiang-Yu Wang, Ke-Gui Wu, Xue-Qing Jin, Hua-Jun Wang
Effects of norepinephrine and isopentenyladenosine on Na+/Ca2+ exchange currents in isolated guinea pig ventricular myocytes. Pages:141-144
Wen Dun, Bo-Wei Wu, Rong-Rui Zhao
Effects of metallothionein on action potentials of anoxic and reoxygenated papillary muscles of guinea pigs. Pages:145-147
Shu-Min Li, Bo Liu, Xiu-Lan Liu, Da-Yi Hu, Chao-Shu Tang
Effects of verapamil on down-regulation of norepinephrine-induced beta adrenoceptors in cultured rat cardiomyocytes. Pages:148-150
Biao Xu, Suo-Long Zhang, Ri-Xin Chen
Mobilization of intracellular Ca2+ modulates activation of Na+/H+ exchange in thrombin-stimulated platelets. Pages:151-154
Shan Zeng, Zhao-Gui Guo, Hua Chen
Blocking effects of phentolamine on L-type calcium current and ATP-sensitive potassium current in guinea pig ventricular myocytes. Pages:154-157
Yong Liang, Bo-Wei Wu, Wen Dun
Inhibitory effects of nimodipine on platelet aggregation and thrombosis. Pages:158-160
Ya-Jun Ren, Ai-Gang LÜ, Gui-Qing Zhang, Dan-Hui Jia
Skeletal effects of constant and terminated use of sodium risedronate in ovariectomized rats. Pages:160-163
Qing-Nan Li, Nian-Ci Liang, Lian-Fang Huang, Tie Wu, Bin Hu, Li-Er Mo
Inhibitory effects of procainamide on rabbit platelet aggregation and thromboxane B2 production in vitro. Pages:164-166
Chun-Wen Shan, Ji-Hong Lin, Yun-Hai Jin
Glutathione-related enzyme activities in human fetal adrenal, liver, and kidney. Pages:167-171
Ren-Xiu Peng, Hui Wang, Yu-Shan Wang, Liu-Song Fu, Hong Ding
Dual effects of 5-hydroxytryptamine on stable analogue of thromboxane A2-induced aggregation and release reaction in rabbit platelets. Pages:171-174
Bo-Yan Li, You-Cai Zhou, Wen-Han Li
Safety evaluation of peptides and proteins. Pages:175-181
Laurence CK Wong