Vol 14, No 4 (July 1993): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Possible involvement of nitric oxide in arginine-induced analgesia   Pages (289-291)
Xin-Quan Ji, Xing-Zu Zhu
Specific binding of [125I]iodomelatonin in pigeon and quail spleen membrane preparations and effect with hydrocortisone-treatment   Pages (292-295)
Xiao-Li Wang, He Yuan, Shiu-Fun Pang
Pharmacokinetics and relative bioavailability of nimodipine capsules and tablets in 8 Chinese healthy men   Pages (295-297)
Lian-Qing Guo, Heng-Shan Tan, Gang Chen
Determination of beta-adrenoceptor subtypes in human pulmonary artery and thoracic aorta by radioligand binding   Pages (298-301)
Hong-Li Peng, Ming-Hua Jiang, Zao-Chen Yang
Antifibrillatory effect of tetrahydroberberine   Pages (301-305)
An-Yang Sun, De-Xing Li
Central expression of c-fos protein after peripheral noxious thermal stimulation in awake rats   Pages (306-311)
Jia-Le Dai, Yan-Hua Zhu, Kuan-Yan Li, Deng-Kai Huang, Shao-Fen Xu
Effects of 3,6-dimethamidodibenzopyriodonium citrate on slow inward calcium current in isolated guinea pig ventricular cells   Pages (311-314)
Yi Cui, Yue-Hua Tan
Effect of Panax notoginseng saponins on increased proliferation of cultured aortic smooth muscle cells stimulated by hypercholesterolemic serum   Pages (314-316)
Shu-Guang Lin, Xi-Long Zheng, Qi-Yun Chen, Jia-Jun Sun
Alpha 1A- and alpha 1B-adrenoceptor-mediated positive chronotropic effects on isolated rat atrium   Pages (317-319)
Zheng Hua, Xiao-Liang Wang
Increased heart microsomal Na(+) K(+)-transporting ATPase activity by tetrandrine in spontaneously hypertensive rats   Pages (320-325)
Nian-Hang Chen, You-Lin Wang, Jian-Hua Ding
Effects of tetrandrine on production of leukotriene B4 and thromboxane B2 in rabbit blood   Pages (325-328)
Ze-Ying Du, Yue-Hua Huang
Dauricine and anisodamine inhibited leukotrienes- and platelet activating factor-induced DNA synthesis and proliferation of bovine cerebral microvascular smooth muscle cells in culture   Pages (329-331)
Guo-Qian Zeng, Dian-Wen Ju, Du-Xin Sun, Yao-Cheng Rui
Effects of Achyranthes bidentata polysaccharides on interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha production from mouse peritoneal macrophages   Pages (332-336)
Dao-Bin Xiang, Xiao-Yu Li
Effects of calcitriol and its analogue calcipotriol on proliferation and differentiation of human osteosarcoma cells   Pages (337-339)
Liang-Nian Song, Jin-Shan Zhang, Jian Lu
Inhibitory effect of dioxopiperazine compounds on malondialdehyde formation induced by doxorubicin in rat liver mitochondria in vitro   Pages (340-343)
Yu Zhang, Hai-Ying Hua, Tan-Mu Zhang
Protective effects of flunarizine on hemorrhagic shock in rats.   Pages (344-347)
Guo-Sheng Wu, Zhen-Qian Zhang, Jun-Yi Wang, Qi-Bing Mei, Jing-Yi Tao
Effects of glaucocalyxin A on aggregation and cAMP levels of rabbit platelets in vitro   Pages (347-350)
Bin Zhang, Kun Long
Image analysis of effects of 4 drugs on coronary occlusion and myocardial reperfusion injury   Pages (350-353)
Ling Han, Zhong-Ming Tang
Potentiating effect of clonidine on anxiolytic action of buspirone in rats   Pages (354-357)
Han-Ting Zhang, Zhi-Pu Luo
Protective effect of panaxatriols on function of reproductive endocrine axis in radiation-injured rats   Pages (358-360)
Shou-Liang Gong, Xin-Min Li, Zhe LÜ, Shu-Zheng Liu
Sodium channel blocking effect of scorpion venom on cultured mouse myocardiocytes   Pages (361-364)
Hui Qi, Guo-Gan Zhong, Long Chen, Yan Jiang, Jun-Jie Wei
Effects of oxyfedrine on high blood viscosity and myocardial necrosis induced by epinephrine and ice water stress in rats   Pages (364-366)
Jie Yu, Xi-Xian Li
Protective effects of 3, 6-dimethamidodibenzopyriodinium citrate on myocardial injury induced by ischemia and reperfusion in rats   Pages (367-369)
Xiu-Ling Deng, Pei-Lun Qiu, Jun-Tian Liu, Shu-Ying Chen
Effects of preimplantation treatment with aspirin and acetaminophen on blastocyst and fetus in rats   Pages (369-372)
Ying Ying, Yi-Jia Lou
Effects of clonidine on estrus, estradiol, gonadotropin, graafian follicle, and corpus luteum in rats   Pages (372-375)
Sheng Zhang, Da-Guang Chen
Protective action of blumeatin against experimental liver injuries   Pages (376-378)
Shi-Bo Xu, Wei-Fu Chen, Hui-Qing Liang, Yong-Cheng Lin, Yi-Jun Deng, Kang-Hou Long
Inhibition of 5 calcium channel blockers on H2O2 release from mouse peritoneal macrophages   Pages (379-381)
Wei-Ru Chen, Yong-Xin Yang, Di-Min Li, Xin-Yi Zhang, Hui-Qin Zheng, Jian Chen
Effect of thymic factor D on lipid peroxide, glutathione, and membrane fluidity in liver of aged rats   Pages (382-384)
Lin Li, Jin-Huang Zhou, Shan-Tian Xing, Zi-Rong Chen