Vol 25, No 12 (December 2004): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica


Troponin I, cardiac diastolic dysfunction and restrictive cardiomyopathy   Pages (1569-1575)
Xu-pei HUANG, Jian-feng DU

Original Article

Population pharmacokinetic model of valproate and prediction of valproate serum concentrations in children with epilepsy   Pages (1576-1583)
De-chun JIANG, Li WANG
Determination of gemcitabine and its metabolite in human plasma using high-pressure liquid chromatography coupled with a diode array detector   Pages (1584-1589)
Neng-ming LIN, Su ZENG, Sheng-lin MA, Yun FAN, Hai-jun ZHONG, Luo FANG
Centrophenoxine improves chronic cerebral ischemia induced cognitive deficit and neuronal degeneration in rats   Pages (1590-1596)
Yun LIAO, Rui WANG, Xi-can TANG
Biphasic firing response of nucleus accumbens neurons elicited by THPB-18 and its correlation with DA receptor subtypes   Pages (1597-1605)
Yu FU, Zi-tao ZHU, Xing-zu ZHU, Guo-zhang JIN
Curcumin protects mitochondria from oxidative damage and attenuates apoptosis in cortical neurons   Pages (1606-1612)
Yuan-gui ZHU, Xiao-chun CHEN, Zhi-zhe CHEN, Yu-qi ZENG, Guang-bin SHI, Yan-hua SU, Xu PENG
Down-regulation amyloid beta-protein 42 production by interfering with transcript of presenilin 1 gene with siRNA   Pages (1613-1618)
Huan-min LUO, Hui DENG, Fei XIAO, Qin GAO, Wen WENG, Pei-fen ZHANG, Xiao-guang LI
GABAA receptor partially mediated propofol-induced hyperalgesia at superspinal level and analgesia at spinal cord level in rats   Pages (1619-1625)
QIN-yun WANG, Jun-li CAO, Yin-ming ZENG, Ti-jun DAI
Increased salt sensitivity induced by sensory denervation: role of superoxide   Pages (1626-1632)
Wei-zhong SONG, Alex F CHEN, Donna H WANG
Aspirin protected against endothelial damage induced by LDL: role of endogenous NO synthase inhibitors in rats   Pages (1633-1639)
Sheng DENG, Pan-yue DENG, Jun-lin JIANG, Feng YE, Jing YU, Tian-lun YANG, Han-wu DENG, Yuan-jian LI
Rilmenidine prevents blood pressure increase in rats with compromised nitric oxide production   Pages (1640-1646)
Effect of Zn2+ ions on ryanodine binding to sarcoplasmic reticulum of striated muscles in the presence of pyrithione   Pages (1647-1651)
Hong XIE, Ke-ying CHEN, Pei-hong ZHU
Effect of vasoactive intestinal peptide on pulmonary surfactants phospholipid synthesis in lung explants   Pages (1652-1658)
Lian LI, Zi-qiang LUO, Fu-wen ZHOU, Dan-dan FENG, Cha-xiang GUAN, Chang-qing ZHANG, Xiu-hong SUN
Establishment of liver specific glucokinase gene knockout mice: a new animal model for screening anti-diabetic drugs   Pages (1659-1665)
Ya-li ZHANG, Xiao-hong TAN, Mei-fang XIAO, Hui LI, Yi-qing MAO, Xiao YANG, Huan-ran TAN
Interleukin-12 was not involved in promotion of T helper cell differentiation induced by theophylline   Pages (1666-1670)
Jiong YANG, Wei GUO, Han-xiang NIE, Su-ping HU
Immunoenhancing activity of protopanaxatriol-type ginsenoside-F3 in murine spleen cells   Pages (1671-1676)
Jun-li YU, De-qiang DOU, Xiao-hong CHEN, Hong-zhen YANG, Na GUO, Gui-fang CHENG
Inhibition of tryptase and chymase induced nucleated cell infiltration by proteinase inhibitors   Pages (1677-1684)
Shao-heng HE, Han-qiu CHEN, Jian ZHENG
Effects of chlorogenic acid, an active compound activating calcineurin, purified from Flos Lonicerae on macrophage   Pages (1685-1689)
He-zhen WU, Jing LUO, Yan-xia YIN, Qun WEI
Association of estrogen receptor-alpha and vitamin D receptor genotypes with therapeutic response to calcium in postmenopausal Chinese women   Pages (1690-1697)
Zhen-lin ZHANG, Yue-juan QIN, Qi-ren HUANG, Jin-wei HE, Miao LI, Qi ZHOU, Yun-qiu HU, Yu-juan LIU
Peplomycin induces G1-phase specific apoptosis in liver carcinoma cell line Bel-7402 involving G2-phase arrest   Pages (1698-1704)
Hong-ying CHEN, Cong-yi ZHENG, Guo-lin ZOU, Da-xing XIE, Jian-ping GONG
A mutation in signal peptide of rat resistin gene inhibits differentiation of 3T3-L1 preadipocytes   Pages (1705-1711)
Xi-rong GUO, Hai-xia GONG, Yan-qin GAO, Li FEI, Yu-hui NI, Rong-hua CHEN
Rational redesign of inhibitors of furin/kexin processing proteases by electrostatic mutations   Pages (1712-1718)
Xiao-hui CAI, Qing ZHANG, Da-fu DING