Vol 25, No 2 (February 2004): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica


About the evaluation of drug combination Pages:146-147
Zheng-jun JIN

Original Article

Two useful methods for evaluating antihypertensive drugs in conscious freely moving rats Pages:148-151
Ding-feng SU, Li-ping XU, Chao-yu MIAO, He-hui XIE, Fu-ming SHEN, Yuan-ying JIANG
Loss of C-terminal alpha-helix decreased SDF-1alpha-mediated signaling and chemotaxis without influencing CXCR4 internalization Pages:152-160
Shao-hui CAI, Yi TAN, Xian-da REN, Xiao-hong LI, Shao-xi CAI, Jun DU
Electrophysiological and pharmacological properties of nucleus basalis magnocellularis neurons in rats Pages:161-170
Yu-qiu ZHANG, Shao-gang LU, Ya-ping JI, Zhi-qi ZHAO, Jun MEI
Compare two methods of measuring DNA damage induced by photogenotoxicity of fluoroquinolones Pages:171-175
Ting ZHANG, Jun-ling LI, Jian XIN, Xiao-chao MA, Zeng-hong TU
Competitive binding of postsynaptic density 95 and Ca2+-calmodulin dependent protein kinase II to N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor subunit 2B in rat brain Pages:176-180
Fan-jie MENG, Jun GUO, Bo SONG, Xue-bo YAN, Guang-yi ZHANG
Effects of presenilins and beta-amyloid precursor protein on delayed rectifier potassium channels in cultured rat hippocampal neurons Pages:181-185
Wei ZHANG, Hong-wei JIN, Xiao-liang WANG
Melatonin reduces peroxynitrite-induced injury in aortic smooth muscle cells Pages:186-190
Jun-lin ZHOU, Xiao-guang ZHU, Yi-ling LING, Qing LI
Hypoglycemic effect of Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides Pages:191-195
Hui-na ZHANG, Zhi-bin LIN
Effect of hydroxyurea and etoposide on transduction of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem and progenitor cell by adeno-associated virus vectors Pages:196-202
Xiao-dong JU, Si-quan LOU, Wei-guo WANG, Jian-qiang PENG, Hua TIAN
Effects of Ginkgolide B on action potential and calcium, potassium current in guinea pig ventricular myocytes Pages:203-207
Xiao-yan QI, Zhi-xiong ZHANG, You-qiu XU
Effects of tacrolimus on infection of Friend murine leukemia virus to Fv-4 gene heterozygous mice Pages:208-212
Feng-min ZHANG, Bao-feng YANG, Hong-xi GU, Xiao-bei CHEN, Zhao-hua ZHONG, Zhi CHEN
Tannin inhibits HIV-1 entry by targeting gp41 Pages:213-218
Lin LU, Shu-wen LIU, Shi-bo JIANG, Shu-guang WU
Allitridi induces apoptosis by affecting Bcl-2 expression and caspase-3 activity in human gastric cancer cells Pages:219-225
Hong LAN, You-yong LU
Downregulation of Kv4.2 and Kv4.3 channel gene expression in right ventricular hypertrophy induced by monocrotaline in rat. Pages:226-230
Tian-tai ZHANG, Bing CUI, De-zai DAI
Effects of chebulinic acid on differentiation of human leukemia K562 cells Pages:231-238
Zong-chun YI, Zhao WANG, Hai-xia LI, Ming-jie LIU, Rong-cong WU, Xiao-hui WANG
PCR-based site-specific mutagenesis of peptide antibiotics FALL-39 and its biologic activities Pages:239-245
Yun-xia YANG, Yun FENG, Bo-yao WANG, Qi WU
3,4-oxo-isopropylidene-shikimic acid inhibits adhesion of polymorphonuclear leukocyte to TNF-alpha-induced endothelial cells in vitro Pages:246-250
Yi MA, Jian-ning SUN, Qiu-ping XU, Zi-li YOU, Ya-jian GUO
Relation between upregulation of CD40 system and complex stenosis morphology in patients with acute coronary syndrome Pages:251-256
Jin-chuan YAN, Zong-gui WU, Xian-tao KONG, Ren-qian ZONG, Lin-zen ZHAN