Vol 20, No 9 (September 1999): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica


Acupuncture: pain management coupled to immune stimulation. Pages:769-777
Randy L Gollub, Kathleen K S Hui, George B Stefano
Yawning: role of hypothalamic paraventricular nitric oxide Pages:778-788
Maria Rosaria Melis, Antonio Argiolas

Original Articles

Secretoneurin and neurogenic inflammation. Pages:789-794
Christian J Wiedermann, Stefan Dunzendorfer, Christian M Kahler, Norbert Reinsch, Peter Schratzberger
Inhibitory effect of recombinant TGF alpha-PE40 on vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation. Pages:795-799
Bing Wang, Zhan-jun Guan, Guo-yuan Zhang, Zong-gui Wu, Yong-hua Xu, Wan-li Jiang, Yao-cheng Rui, Zhi-yong Chu
99mTc-MIBI single-photon emission-computed tomography in diagnosis of lung cancer and mediastinal metastasis lymph nodes. Pages:800-804
Yang Shen-tu, Yun-zhong Zhou, Jun Zeng
Interaction of S 21007 with 5-HT3 receptors. In vitro and in vivo characterization. Pages:805-812
Philippe Delagrange, Rene Misslin, Thomas W Seale, Bruno Pfeiffer, Sylvain Rault, Pierre Renard
Effects of modafinil and amphetamine on sleep-wake cycle after sleep deprivation in cats. Pages:813-818
Yi-ping Hou, Jian-sheng Lin
Bepridil inhibition of sodium current in rat hippocampal CA1 neurons. Pages:819-823
Hui-juan Hu, Dong-mei Yang, De-zhi Dai, Cai-hong Wu, Pei-ai Zhou
Improving effects of huperzine A on abnormal lipid peroxidation and superoxide dismutase in aged rats. Pages:824-828
Ya-zhen Shang, Jia-wei Ye, Xi-can Tang
Antagonistic effects of melatonin on glutamate release and neurotoxicity in cerebral cortex. Pages:829-834
Qing-zhu Zhang, Yue-song Gong, Jun-tian Zhang
Evidence for mu opioid receptor on mouse spleen lymphocytes. Pages:835-838
Tong Wu, Xiao-yu Li
Effects of intra-hippocampal injection of interleukin-2 on pain threshold and formaldehyde-induced substance P-like immunoreactivity in periaqueductal gray and spinal cord. Pages:839-843
Xuan Wu, Hai-di Li, Xi-cheng Li, Huai-zhen Ruan, Jian Wang
Characteristics of impaired endothelium-dependent relaxation of rat aorta after streptozotocin-induced diabetes. Pages:844-850
Jian-zhong Shen, Xiu-feng Zheng
Inhibition of platelet aggregation by bovine endocardial apyrase. Pages:851-854
Fu-xian Yi, Shao-ling Huang, Xun Guo, Ping Sun, Zhao-gui Guo
Effects of fluvastatin on structure and function of resistant vessels in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Pages:855-860
Zhi-hong Lin, Liang-di Xie, Ke-gui Wu, Hua-jun Wang, Shang-sheng Xu
Ca2+ sensitivity of contractile system and Ca2+ release from sarcoplasmic reticulum in skinned myocardium from rats with pressure overload LV hypertrophy and heart failure. Pages:861-864
Yan Huang, Yun-xia Li