Vol 22, No 9 (September 2001): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Effects of 12 beticolins, Cercospora beticola toxins, on proliferation of ras-transformed adrenocortical cell   Pages (769-776)
Guo-Qing Ding, Gabrielle Maume, Hanan Osman, Martine Padieu, Marie-Louise Milat, Claude Humbert, Jean-Pierre Blein, Bernard F Maume
Propranolol increases phosphatidic acid level via activation of phospholipase D   Pages (777-784)
Min-Qiang Chai, Jun-Song Chen, Sheng Zhao, Jian-Guo Song
Effects of diethyldithiocarbamate on proliferation, redifferention, and apoptosis in human hepatoma cells   Pages (785-792)
Jiu-Hong Kang, Ya-Ming Wei, Rong-Liang Zheng
Effect of genistein and quercetin on proliferation, collagen synthesis, and type I procollagen mRNA levels of rat hepatic stellate cells   Pages (793-796)
Lu-Ping Kang, Li-Hong Qi, Jun-Ping Zhang, Ning Shi, Min Zhang, Tang-Ming Wu, Jing Chen
Improvement of melatonin to the learning and memory impairment induced by amyloid beta-peptide 25 - 35 in elder rats   Pages (797-803)
Yu-Xian Shen, Wei Wei, Jun Yang, Chao Liu, Chen Dong, Shu-Yun Xu
Postantibiotic effects of eleven antimicrobials on five bacteria   Pages (804-808)
Ming-Gui Wang, Ying-Yuan Zhang, De-Mei Zhu, Qing Zhang, Yao-Guo Shi
Antinociceptive effect of astragalosides and its mechanism of action   Pages (809-812)
Qin Yang, Jing-Tao Lu, Ai-Wu Zhou, Bing Wang, Guo-Wei He, Min-Zhu Chen
Effect of dl-praeruptorin A on ATP sensitive potassium channels in human cortical neurons   Pages (813-816)
Shen-Li Zhang, Jin-Ming Li, Qing-Heng Xiao, An-Hua Wu, Qing Zhao, Guo-Rui Yang, Ke-Yi Zhang
Substance P potentiates thermal hyperalgesia induced by intrathecal administration of D-serine in rats   Pages (817-820)
Yi-Hong Zhang, You-Sheng Shu, Zhi-Qi Zhao
Development of a K562 cell-based assay for screening anticancer agents   Pages (821-826)
Jing Qian, Cai-Hong Zhou, Zhen Qian, Fa-Jun Nan, Qi-Zhuang Ye
Relationship between lactone ring forms of HCPT and their antitumor activities   Pages (827-830)
Jian-Jun Zhou, Jian Liu, Bin Xu
Anti-human hepatocellular carcinoma effects of tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand in vitro & in vivo   Pages (831-836)
Ben-Chang Guo, Yong-Hua Xu
Quaternary ammonium salt derivative of haloperidol inhibits KCl-induced calcium increase in rat aortic smooth muscle cells   Pages (837-840)
Gang-Gang Shi, Huan Fang, Jin-Hong Zheng
Knockdown of IGF-IR by Antisense Oligodeoxynucleotide auguments the sensitivity of bladder cancer cells to mitomycin   Pages (841-846)
Hong-Zhi Sun, Shu-Fang Wu, Zeng-Hong Tu
Inhibition of regrowth of prostatic glandular cells by epristeride   Pages (847-850)
Li-Hui Qian, Xiao-Ling Wang, Zeng-Hong Tu
Role of calcitonin gene-related peptide in nitric oxide-mediated myocardial delayed preconditioning induced by head stress   Pages (851-856)
Bin Tan, Shang-You He, Han-Wu Deng, Yuan-Jian Li
Effect of quercetin on adhesion of platelets to microvascular endothelial cells in vitro   Pages (857-860)
Pan-Sheng Fan, Zhen-Lun Gu, Zhong-Qin Liang
High concentration of glucose inhibits endothelium-dependent vasorelaxation of rabbit aortic artery   Pages (861-864)
Biao Xu, Man-Ren Rao