Vol 22, No 3 (March 2001): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica


Carvedilol and vesnarinone: new antiarrhythmic approach in heart failure therapy Pages:193-200
Jian-Hua Chen, Kaichiro Kamiya, Itsuo Kodama
Endoxin:a major factor regulating cardiovascular system Pages:201-209
Yong-Sheng Ke

Original Article

Accumulation of ofloxacin and tosufloxacin in fluoroquinolone-resistant E coli Pages:210-214
Pei-Yuan Xia, Ping Feng, Li Zhong, Xiao-Ju Lv, Bing-Jun Lei
Effect of change in oxygen tension on release pattern and nature of endothelium-derived substances in isolated rabbit aorta Pages:215-224
Shivani Mittra, Manjeet Singh
Anxiolytic effect of BPC-157, a gastric pentadecapeptide: shock probe/burying test and light/dark test Pages:225-230
Predrag Sikiric, Nikola Jelovac, Andjelka Jelovac-Gjeldum, Goran Dodig, Mario Staresinic, Tomislav Anic, Ivan Zoricic, Darko Perovic, Gorana Aralica, Gojko Buljat, Ingrid Prkacin, Martina Lovric-Bencic, Jadranka Separovic, Sven Seiwerth, Rudolf Rucman, Marijian Petek, Branko Turkovic, Tihomil Ziger
Human xenoreactivity is reduced in mice bearing porcine antisense alpha(1,3) galactosyltransferase cDNA Pages:231-238
Ying-Hua Ma, Xiao-Gang Zhou, Jia-Hua Hu, Jian Fei, Guo-Hong Xia, Li-He Guo
Cimetidine inhibits production of interferon gamma and tumor necrosis factor alpha by splenocytes in aplastic anemic mice Pages:239-242
Tian Xia, Qi-Ru Wang, You-Heng Xu
Effect of dopamine depletion on DARPP-32 protein in ischemic rat striatum Pages:243-248
Ya-Feng Sun, Fang-Ming Tang, Yun-Min Ding, You-Ting Chen, Guang-Yi Zhang, Guo-Zhang Jin
A phospholipase C inhibitor, phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride, ameliorates ischemic injury to brain mitochondria in rats Pages:249-252
Qing-Song Wang, Jiang-Ning Zhou, Tian-Le Xu, Lu-Si Li
Puerarin blocks transient outward K+ current and delayed rectifier K+ current in mice hippocampal CA1 neurons Pages:253-256
Guang-Qin Zhang, Xue-Mei Hao, Pei-Ai Zhou, Cai-Hong Wu, De-Zai Dai
Inhibition of cultured rat prostatic epithelial cell growth by epristeride in vitro Pages:257-263
Shu-Fang Wu, Hong-Zhi Sun, Zeng-Hong Tu, Hong-Yan Wu
Agmatine inhibits carotid sinus baroreflex in anesthetized rats Pages:264-268
Xiao-Mei Qin, Rui-Rong He
5-HT1B receptor augmented 5-HT vasoconstrictor response of pulmonary artery in monocrotaline-induced pulmonary hypertensive rats Pages:269-273
Huai-Liang Wang, Xu Dong, Xin-Hua Zhang, Jun Xing
Hypercholesterolemia alters vascular functions and gene expression of potassium channels in rat aortic smooth muscle cells Pages:274-278
Ya-Jun Ren, Xiang-Hua Xu, Chong-Bo Zhong, Nan Feng, Xiao-Liang Wang
Inhibitory effect of melittin on Na+,K+-ATPase from guinea pig myocardial mitochondria Pages:279-282
Shen Yang, Xue-Mei Zhang, Ming-Hua Jiang
Interindividual variations in levels and activities of cytochrome P-450 in liver microsomes of Chinese subjects Pages:283-288
Yan Shu, Ze-Neng Cheng, Zhao-Qian Liu, Lian-Sheng Wang, Bing Zhu, Song-Lin Huang, Dong-Sheng Ou-Yang, Hong-Hao Zhou