Vol 22, No 1 (January 2001): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Role of calcitonin gene-related peptide in prostaglandins-mediated ischemic preconditioning in guinea pig hearts Pages(3-9)
Qiu-Jing Song, Jun Xiao, Han-Wu Deng, Yuan-Jian Li
Stimulation by melittin of Na+-Ca2+ exchange current in ventricular myocytes of guinea pigs Pages(10-14)
Xue-Mei Zhang, Shen Yang, Yi Zhang, Ping Zheng, Ming-Hua Jiang, Zhao-Nian Zhou
Inhibitory effect of recombinant TGFalpha-PE40 on neointimal proliferation after arterial balloon injury Pages(15-20)
Bing Wang, Yong-Hua Xu, Yu-Li Li, Guo-Yuan Zhang, Wan-Li Jiang, Yao-Cheng Rui, Zong-Gui Wu
Uridine triphosphate prolongs action potential duration of guinea pig papillary muscles via P2Y2 purinoceptors Pages(21-25)
Kui Qin, Lei-Ming Ren, Ding Zhao
Effect of cathepsin B on thymocyte apoptosis in spontaneously hypertensive rats Pages(26-31)
Xiao-Song Zhao, De-Zhi Tian, Ying-Jiong Ding, Yi-Chun Zhu, Tai Yao
Frequency dependent prolongation of effective refractory period by a complex class III antiarrhythmic agent CPU-86017 Pages(32-36)
Hai-Tao Li, You-Qun Wang, De-Zai Dai, Rong-Zu Kong
Cholinesterase inhibition by aluminium phosphide poisoning in rats and effects of atropine and pralidoxime chloride Pages(37-39)
Shivani Mittra, Sharda Shah Peshin, Shyam Bala Lall
Inhibitory effect of nomegestrol acetate on steroidogenesis of cultured granulosa cells from rat ovary in vitro Pages(40-44)
Li-Hui Qian, Bo Yang, Ying Leng, Lin Cao, Zhi-Ping Gu
Development of quantitative structure activity relationships in toxicity prediction of complex mixtures Pages(45-49)
Hong-Xia Yu, Zhi-Fen Lin, Jian-Fang Feng, Tie-Lian Xu, Lian-Sheng Wang
A 3D structural model of memapsin 2 protease generated from theoretical study Pages(50-56)
Xiao-Qin Huang, Hua-Liang Jiang, Xiao-Min Luo, Jing-Kang Shen, Kai-Xian Chen, Ru-Yun Ji
Uptake of cyclosporine A loaded colloidal drug carriers by mouse peritoneal macrophages in vitro Pages(57-61)
Jie Wang, Qiang Zhang
Effects of calcitriol and its analogues on interaction of MCP-1 and monocyte derived dendritic cells in vitro Pages(62-65)
Ke-Jian Zhu, Qian-Yun Shen, Min Zhang, Ulrich Mrowietz
Gene expression of monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 in human monocytes by exposure to advanced glycosylation end products Pages(67-70)
Bo-Rong Wang, Nai-Feng Liu
Prognostic value of dobutamine stress test in patients with septic shock Pages(71-75)
Hai-Bo Qiu, Yi Yang, Shao-Xia Zhou, Shao-Hua Liu, Rui-Qiang Zheng
Relationship of symptomatology, gender, and antipsychotic drug treatment with plasma homovanillic acid in schizophrenia Pages(76-80)
Zhi-Jun Zhang, Gavin-P Reynolds, Cn Ramchand, Malcolm Peet, Sandeepo Shah
Effects of AP-V and bicuculline on somatostatin-positive neurons in hypothalamus of rats subjected to acute hypobaric hypoxia Pages(81-84)
Xiao-Tang Fan, Huai-Zhen Ruan, Hai-Wei Xu, Jin-Hai Zhang, Xi-Gui Wu
Effects of CYP2C19 genotype and CYP2C9 on fluoxetine N-demethylation in human liver microsomes Pages(85-90)
Zhao-Qian Liu, Yan Shu, Song-Lin Huang, Lian-Sheng Wang, Nan He, Hong-Hao Zhou
Pharmacokinetics of enantiomers of trans-tramadol and its active metabolite, trans-O-demethyltramadol, in human subjects Pages(91-96)
Hui-Chen Liu, Tie-Jun Liu, Yan-Yan Yang, Yan-Ning Hou