Vol 23, No 12 (December 2002): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Tetrandrine and related bis-benzylisoquinoline alkaloids from medicinal herbs: cardiovascular effects and mechanisms of action.   Pages (1057-1068)
Effects of tetrandrine on cardiovascular electrophysiologic properties.   Pages (1069-1074)
Wei-Xing YAO, Ming-Xing JIANG
Effects of tetrandrine on cardiac and vascular remodeling.   Pages (1075-1085)
Man-Ren RAO
Cardiovascular pharmacological effects of bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloid derivatives.   Pages (1086-1092)
Jia-Qing QIAN
Immunomodulatory effects and mechanisms of plant alkaloid tetrandrine in autoimmune diseases.   Pages (1093-1101)
Jenn-Haung LAI
Potential role of tetrandrine in cancer therapy.   Pages (1102-1106)
Pharmacological actions of tetrandrine in inflammatory pulmonary diseases.   Pages (1107-1113)
Qiang-Min XIE, Hhui-Fang TANG, Ji-Qiang CHEN, Ru-Lian BIAN
Effects of tetrandrine on smooth muscle contraction induced by mediators in pulmonary hypertension.   Pages (1114-1120)
Huai-Liang WANG, Xin-Hua ZHANG, Tian-Hui CHANG
Effect of tetrandrine on free intracellular calcium in cultured calf basilar artery smooth muscle cells.   Pages (1121-1126)
Morinda citrifolia (Noni): a literature review and recent advances in Noni research.   Pages (1127-1141)
Mian-Ying WANG, Brett J WEST, C Jarakae JENSEN, Diane NOWICKI, Chen SU, Afa K PALU, Gary ANDERSON
Effects of natural products on ischemic heart diseases and cardiovascular system.   Pages (1142-1151)
Jian SUN, Benny KH TAN, Shan-Hong HUANG, Matthew WHITEMAN, Yi-Zhun ZHU
Effect of Korea red ginseng on cerebral blood flow and superoxide production.   Pages (1152-1156)
Cuk-Seong KIM, Jin Bong PARK, Kwang-Jin KIM, Seok Jong CHANG, Sung-Woo RYOO, Byeong Hwa JEON
Protective effects of trilinolein extracted from panax notoginseng against cardiovascular disease.   Pages (1157-1162)
Contents of four active components in different commercial crude drugs and preparations of danshen (Salvia miltiorrhiza).   Pages (1163-1168)
Hui ZHANG, Chen YU, Jing-Ying JIA, Susan Wai Sum LEUNG, Yao Loong SIOW, Ricky Ying Keung MAN, Da-Yuan ZHU
Are herbal medicinal products less teratogenic than Western pharmaceutical products.   Pages (1169-1172)
Kwok-Yin LEUNG, Yuk-Ping LEE, Ho-Yee CHAN, Chin-Peng LEE, Marry Hoi-Yin TANG
Effects of Kampo medicine, keishi-ka shakuyaku-to (TJ-60) on alteration of diacylglycerol metabolism in gastrointestinal smooth muscle of diabetic rats.   Pages (1173-1180)
Koji NOBE, Kazutaka MOMOSE, Yasushi SAKAI
Increase of insulin sensitivity in diabetic rats received die-huang-wan, a herbal mixture used in Chinese traditional medicine.   Pages (1181-1187)
Yang-Chang WU, Jen-Hao HSU, I-Min LIU, Shorong-Shii LIOU, Hui-Chen SU, Juei-Tang CHENG
(-)epicatechin induces and modulates endothelium-dependent relaxation in isolated rat mesenteric artery rings.   Pages (1188-1192)
Zhen-Yu CHEN, Xiao-Qiang YAO, Franky Leung CHAN, Chi-Wai LAU, Yu HUANG
Huperzine B protects rat pheochromocytoma cells against oxygen-glucose deprivation-induced injury.   Pages (1193-1198)
Zhi-Fei WANG, Jin ZHOU, Xi-Can TANG
Importance of blood pressure variability in organ protection in spontaneously hypertensive rats treated with combination of nitrendipine and atenolol.   Pages (1199-1204)
He-Hui XIE, Chao-Yu MIAO, Jian-Guo LIU, Ding-Feng SU