Vol 23, No 11 (November 2002): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Effect of morphine-induced antinociception is altered by AF64A-induced lesions on cholinergic neurons in rat nucleus raphe magnus.   Pages (961-966)
Kenji ABE, Kota ISHIDA, Masatoshi KATO, Toshiro SHIGENAGA, Kyoji TAGUCHI, Tadashi MIYATAKE
Ability of sickle cells to scavenge endothelium-derived nitric oxide is reduced.   Pages (967-973)
Activation of astrocytes by advanced glycation end products: cytokines induction and nitric oxide release.   Pages (974-980)
Zhen WANG, Dian-Dong LI, Yun-Yan LIANG, Dai-Shu WANG, Nian-Sheng CAI
Interleukin-2-induced antinociception in morphine-insensitive rats.   Pages (981-984)
Ping SONG, Xin-Yuan LIU, Zhi-Qi ZHAO
Alteration of vascular response to norepinephrine, calcitonin gene-related peptide, and acetylcholine in orchidectomized rats.   Pages (985-990)
Wang WANG, Chao SUN, Xian WANG
Apoptotic effect of As2S2 on K562 cells and its mechanism.   Pages (991-996)
Jun-E LI, Wwi-Li WU, Zhen-Yi WANG, Guan-Lin SUN
Effect of isoverbascoside, a phenylpropanoid glycoside antioxidant, on proliferation and differentiation of human gastric cancer cell.   Pages (997-1001)
Rui-Chuan CHEN, Jin-Hua SU, Shan-Min YANG, Ji LI, Tian-Jiao WANG, Hong ZHOU
Effects of resveratrol and ethanol on production of pro-inflammatory factors from endotoxin activated murine macrophages.   Pages (1002-1006)
Yong-Hong FENG, Jian-Ping ZUO, Xiao-Yu LI
Intracellular calcium was involved in muscarinic currents increased by hypoosmotic membrane stretch in gastric myocytes of guinea pig.   Pages (1007-1012)
Yong-Chun YU, Hui-Shu GUO, Lin PIAO, Lin LI, Zai-Liu LI, Wen-Xie XU
Inhibition of human phosphodiesterase 4A expressed in yeast cell GL62 by theophylline, rolipram, and acetamide-45.   Pages (1013-1017)
Kai WANG, Ji-Qiang CHEN, Zhong CHEN, Jun-Chun CHEN
Protective effects of polypeptide from Chlamys farreri on Hela cells damaged by ultraviolet A.   Pages (1018-1022)
Ru-Yong YAO, Chun-Bo WANG
Protective effects of apocynin on "two-hit" injury induced by hemorrhagic shock and lipopolysaccharide.   Pages (1023-1028)
Rong ZHOU, De-Yao HU, Liang-Ming LIU, Xue-Wu ZHOU
Developmental toxicity of cocaine exposure in mid-pregnancy mice.   Pages (1029-1034)
Jun SONG, Xiao-Wei GUAN, Jia-Qian REN, Wei HE
Effects of pollen extract EA-10, P5 on chronic prostatitis or infertility with chronic prostatitis.   Pages (1035-1039)
Hong-Jie CHEN, Zhi-Ping WANG, Yi-Rong CHEN, Da-Shan QIN, Sheng-Jun FU, Bao-Liang MA
Effect of CYP2D6*10 genotype on propafenone pharmacodynamics in Chinese patients with ventricular arrhythmia.   Pages (1040-1044)
Wwi-Min CAI, Jun XU, Bing CHEN, Fu-Min ZHANG, Yuan-Zhu HUANG, Yin-Di ZHANG
Identification of guanfu base A hydrochloride phase I and phase II metabolites in rat bile by liquid chromatography mass spectrometry.   Pages (1045-1050)
Ji-Ye A, Guang-Ji WANG, Min-Shu WU, Jing-Han LIU
Relationship between drug effects and particle size of insulin-loaded bioadhesive microspheres.   Pages (1051-1056)
Yan PAN, Jun-Min ZHENG, Hui-Ying ZHAO, Ying-Jian LI, Hui XU, Gang WEI