Vol 33, No 3 (March 2012): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica(Special Feature:G protein-coupled receptors)

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A new era for GPCR research: structures, biology and drug discovery   Pages (289-290)
H Eric Xu, Rui-ping Xiao


Structure and activation of rhodopsin   Pages (291–299)
X Edward Zhou, Karsten Melcher, H Eric Xu
Structure and mechanism for recognition of peptide hormones by Class B G-protein-coupled receptors   Pages (300–311)
Kuntal Pal, Karsten Melcher, H Eric Xu
Structure and ligand recognition of class C GPCRs   Pages (312–323)
Lei Chun, Wen-hua Zhang, Jian-feng Liu
Ice breaking in GPCR structural biology   Pages (324–334)
Qiang Zhao, Bei-li Wu
β-Adrenergic receptor subtype signaling in heart: From bench to bedside   Pages (335–341)
Anthony Yiu Ho Woo, Rui-ping Xiao
Role of G protein-coupled receptors in inflammation   Pages (342–350)
Lei Sun, Richard D Ye
GPCRs and cancer   Pages (351–362)
Rosamaria Lappano, Marcello Maggiolini@aps.bak
Orphan G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs): biological functions and potential drug targets   Pages (363–371)
Xiao-long Tang, Ying Wang, Da-li Li, Jian Luo, Ming-yao Liu
Tools for GPCR drug discovery   Pages (372–384) Open
Ru Zhang, Xin Xie

Original Article

Rapamycin prevents the mutant huntingtin-suppressed GLT-1 expression in cultured astrocytes   Pages (385–392)
Lei-lei Chen, Jun-chao Wu, Lin-hui Wang, Jin Wang, Zheng-hong Qin, Marian Difiglia, Fang Lin
High-sodium intake aggravates myocardial injuries induced by aldosterone via oxidative stress in Sprague-Dawley rats   Pages (393–400)
Jing-yi Li, Shao-ling Zhang, Meng Ren, Yan-ling Wen, Li Yan, Hua Cheng
Heterogeneity of chemosensitivity in esophageal cancer using ATP-tumor chemosensitivity assay   Pages (401–406)
Zhi-qiang Ling, Chun-jian Qi, Xiao-xiao Lu, Li-juan Qian, Lin-hui Gu, Zhi-guo Zheng, Qiang Zhao, Shi Wang, Xian-hua Fang, Zhi-xing Yang, Jian Yin, Wei-min Mao
Novel microtubule-targeted agent 6-chloro-4-(methoxyphenyl) coumarin induces G2-M arrest and apoptosis in HeLa cells   Pages (407–417)
Yi-ming Ma, Yu-bo Zhou, Chuan-ming Xie, Dong-mei Chen, Jia Li
Thiazolidione derivatives targeting the histidine kinase YycG are effective against both planktonic and biofilm-associated Staphylococcus epidermidis   Pages (418–425)
Ren-zheng Huang, Li-kang Zheng, Hua-yong Liu, Bin Pan, Jian Hu, Tao Zhu, Wei Wang, Dan-bin Jiang, Yang Wu, You-cong Wu, Shi-qing Han, Di Qu


Differential sensitivity of RIP3-proficient and deficient murine fibroblasts to camptothecin anticancer drugs   Pages (426–428)
Jin-xue He, Ying-qing Wang, Jian-ming Feng, Jia-xin Li, Lei Xu, Xiao-hua Li, Wei Wang, Xia-juan Huan, Yi Jiang, Bing Yu, Guang Chen, Ze-hong Miao