Vol 33, No 10 (October 2012): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Toll-like receptor 3 agonist Poly I:C protects against simulated cerebral ischemia in vitro and in vivo   Pages (1246)
Lin-na Pan, Wei Zhu, Cai Li, Xu-lin Xu, Lian-jun Guo, Qing Lu
Tanshinone IIA protects rabbits against LPS-induced disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)   Pages (1254)
Liang-cai Wu, Xi Lin, Hao Sun
Differential hepatoprotective mechanisms of rutin and quercetin in CCl4-intoxicated BALB/cN mice   Pages (1260)
Robert Domitrović, Hrvoje Jakovac, Vanja Vasiljev Marchesi, Sanda Vladimir-Knežević, Olga Cvijanović, Žarko Tadić, Željko Romić, Dario Rahelić
High prevalence of the B2+C2 subgenotype mixture in patients with chronic hepatitis B in Eastern China   Pages (1271)
Jun Zhong, Yue-qiu Gao, Xue-hua Sun, Xiao-jun Zhu, Man Li
Bovine lactoferrin improves bone mass and microstructure in ovariectomized rats via OPG/RANKL/RANK pathway   Pages (1277)
Jian-ming Hou, Ying Xue, Qing-ming Lin
The natural stilbenoid pinosylvin and activated neutrophils: effects on oxidative burst, protein kinase C, apoptosis and efficiency in adjuvant arthritis   Pages (1285)
Viera Jančinová, Tomáš Perečko, Rado Nosáľ, Juraj Harmatha, Jan šmidrkal, Katarína Drábiková
Lobolide, a diterpene, blockades the NF-κB pathway and p38 and ERK MAPK activity in macrophages in vitro   Pages (1293)
Xiao-fen Lv, Si-han Chen, Jie Li, Jian-ping Fang, Yue-wei Guo, Kan Ding
Migfilin sensitizes cisplatin-induced apoptosis in human glioma cells in vitro   Pages (1301)
Jing Fan, Yun-wei Ou, Chuan-yue Wu, Chun-jiang Yu, Yong-mei Song, Qi-min Zhan
The important roles of RET, VEGFR2 and the RAF/MEK/ERK pathway in cancer treatment with sorafenib   Pages (1311)
Wei-feng Mao, Min-hua Shao, Pin-ting Gao, Ji Ma, Hui-juan Li, Gai-ling Li, Bao-hui Han, Chong-gang Yuan
Enhanced antitumor effects of BPD-MA-mediated photodynamic therapy combined with adriamycin on breast cancer in mice   Pages (1319)
Zhong-sheng Tong, Pei-tian Miao, Ting-ting Liu, Yong-sheng Jia, Xiao-dong Liu
Luteolin reduces the invasive potential of malignant melanoma cells by targeting β3 integrin and the epithelial-mesenchymal transition   Pages (1325)
Jun-shan Ruan, Yu-ping Liu, Lei Zhang, Ling-geng Yan, Fang-tian Fan, Cun-si Shen, Ai-yun Wang, Shi-zhong Zheng, Shao-ming Wang, Yin Lu
Pharmacokinetics and tolerance of dehydroandrographolide succinate injection after intravenous administration in healthy Chinese volunteers   Pages (1332)
Qian Chen, Yun Liu, Yan-mei Liu, Gang-yi Liu, Meng-qi Zhang, Jing-ying Jia, Chuan Lu, Chen Yu