Vol 34, No 1 (January 2013): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica (Special Feature:Stroke)

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Current mechanisms in stroke   Pages (1-2)
Hong-shuo Sun

Research Highlight

Restoring neuroprotection through a new preclinical paradigm: translational success for NA-1 in stroke therapy   Pages (3-5)
Ryan Instrum, Hong-shuo Sun
The good and bad of microglia/macrophages: new hope in stroke therapeutics   Pages (6-7)
Ya-chi Huang, Zhong-ping Feng
Dietary salt intake and stroke   Pages (8-9)
Ekaterina Turlova, Zhong-ping Feng


Current understanding of TRPM7 pharmacology and drug development for stroke   Pages (10-16)
Christine You Jin Bae, Hong-shuo Sun
Chloride channels in stroke   Pages (17-23)
Ya-ping Zhang, Hao Zhang, Dayue Darrel Duan
Neuroprotective role of ATP-sensitive potassium channels in cerebral ischemia   Pages (24-32)
Hong-shuo Sun, Zhong-ping Feng
The pharmacology and therapeutic potential of small molecule inhibitors of acid-sensing ion channels in stroke intervention   Pages (33-38)
Tian-dong Leng, Zhi-gang Xiong
Ionotropic receptors and ion channels in ischemic neuronal death and dysfunction   Pages (39-48)
Nicholas L Weilinger, Valentyna Maslieieva, Jennifer Bialecki, Sarup S Sridharan, Peter L Tang, Roger J Thompson
Loss of endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ homeostasis: contribution to neuronal cell death during cerebral ischemia   Pages (49-59)
Ankur Bodalia, Hongbin Li, Michael F Jackson
Regulation of adenosine levels during cerebral ischemia   Pages (60-66)
Stephanie Chu, Wei Xiong, Dali Zhang, Hanifi Soylu, Chao Sun, Benedict C Albensi, Fiona E Parkinson
Targeting reactive nitrogen species: a promising therapeutic strategy for cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury   Pages (67-77)
Xing-miao Chen, Han-sen Chen, Ming-jing Xu, Jian-gang Shen
Role of neural precursor cells in promoting repair following stroke   Pages (78-90)
Pooya Dibajnia, Cindi M Morshead
What can we learn about stroke from retinal ischemia models?   Pages (91-103)
Philippe M D'Onofrio, Paulo D Koeberle

Original Article

A novel approach to induction and rehabilitation of deficits in forelimb function in a rat model of ischemic stroke   Pages (104-112)
Jessica Mary Livingston-Thomas, Andrew Wilson Hume, Tracy Ann Doucette, Richard Andrew Tasker
Neuroprotective effects of volume-regulated anion channel blocker DCPIB on neonatal hypoxic-ischemic injury   Pages (113-118)
Ammar Alibrahim, Li-yan Zhao, Christine You-jin Bae, Andrew Barszczyk, Christopher Lf Sun, Guan-lei Wang, Hong-shuo Sun
WIN55,212-2 protects oligodendrocyte precursor cells in stroke penumbra following permanent focal cerebral ischemia in rats   Pages (119-128)
Jing Sun, Yin-quan Fang, Hong Ren, Tao Chen, Jing-jing Guo, Jun Yan, Shu Song, Lu-yong Zhang, Hong Liao
Voltage-gated K+ channels in adipogenic differentiation of bone marrow-derived human mesenchymal stem cells   Pages (129-136)
Mi-hyeon You, Min Seok Song, Seul Ki Lee, Pan Dong Ryu, So Yeong Lee, Dae-yong Kim
Astragalus polysaccharide stimulates glucose uptake in L6 myotubes through AMPK activation and AS160/TBC1D4 phosphorylation   Pages (137-145)
Jian Liu, Jing-fang Zhang, Jin-zhi Lu, De-ling Zhang, Ke Li, Ke Su, Jing Wang, Ye-min Zhang, Nian Wang, Si-tu Yang, Lang Bu, Jing-ping Ou-yang
CYP3A4 overexpression enhances the cytotoxicity of the antitumor triazoloacridinone derivative C-1305 in CHO cells   Pages (146-156)
Ewa Augustin, Barbara Borowa-Mazgaj, Agnieszka Kikulska, Milena Kordalewska, Monika Pawłowska
Set9, NF-κB, and microRNA-21 mediate berberine-induced apoptosis of human multiple myeloma cells   Pages (157-166)
Hai-yan Hu, Kun-peng Li, Xiu-ju Wang, Yuan Liu, Zhi-gang Lu, Rui-hong Dong, Hong-bo Guo, Mei-xia Zhang
Construction of lentivirus-based inhibitor of hsa-microRNA-338-3p with specific secondary structure   Pages (167-175)
Kai Sun, Chen Guo, Hai-jun Deng, Jing-qing Dong, Shang-tong Lei, Guo-xin Li
Galectin-3 gene silencing inhibits migration and invasion of human tongue cancer cells in vitro via downregulating β-catenin   Pages (176-184)
Dong Zhang, Zheng-gang Chen, Shao-hua Liu, Zuo-qing Dong, Martin Dalin, Shi-san Bao, Ying-wei Hu, Feng-cai Wei