Vol 16, No 1 (January 1995): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Detection of 54-kDa protein overexpressed by chloroquine-resistant Plasmodium berghei ANKA strain in pyronaridine-resistant P berghei ANKA strain   Pages (17-20)
Gao-de LI, Shu-qin LIU, Xiu-yu YE, Feng-yi QU
Effects of isovanihuperzine A on cholinesterase and scopolamine-induced memory impairment   Pages (21-25)
Zhi-qi XIONG, Xi-can TANG, Jin-lai LIN, Da-yuan ZHU
QSAR of 3-methylfentanyl derivatives studied with neural networks method   Pages (26-32)
Yun TANG, Hong-wu WANG, Kai-xian CHEN, Ru-yun JI
Assay of metoprolol and alpha-hydroxymetoprolol in human urine by reversed-phase liquid chromatography with direct-injection   Pages (32-35)
Hong-guang XIE, Hong-hao ZHOU
Effects of nimodipine, felodipine, and verapamil on isolated human arteries   Pages (36-38)
Ming-hui YAO, Ze-xiang DAI, Duan-zheng XU, Zao-chen YANG
Effect of colchicine on hepatic glycosaminoglycan metabolism in mice infected with Schistosoma japonicum   Pages (39-42)
Qian SI, Yan ZHANG, Qiao-hong WANG, Qing-qi ZHUANG, Mei-zhen MEI
Endogenous adenosine and ATP-sensitive potassium channel modulate anoxia-induced electrophysiological changes of pacemaker cells in sinoatrial node of guinea pigs   Pages (42-46)
Yu-long LI, Rui-rong HE
Determination of free digoxin in sera of 8 patients with chronic cardiac insufficiency   Pages (47-50)
Jin-heng LI, Hao PAN, Zhu-ping WU, Yong-liang CHEN, Xiao-man CHU, Shu-sen LIN
Effects of glutamate dehydrogenase, choline oxidase, and glucose-6-phosphatase on 67Ga accumulation in lysosome   Pages (51-54)
Shao-lin LI, Atsushi ANDO, Itsuko ANDO
Effects of pineal body and melatonin on lymphocyte proliferation and dinoprostone production in rat spleen   Pages (54-57)
Chang-hai DING, Wei WEI, Shu-yun XU
Phencyclidine receptors in brain and spinal cord of spontaneously hypertensive rats aged 4-16 wk   Pages (58-61)
Xia YIN, Yan-hua ZHU, Shao-fen XU
Photosensitization of dicoumarol on tumor cells and enhancement by sodium diethyldithiocarbamate   Pages (61-64)
Xiu-fang ZHOU, Xuan-wu YANG, Rong-liang ZHENG
A simple method for estimating half-life of drugs obeying Michaelis-Menten elimination kinetics   Pages (65-67)
Yong DING, Da-kuang HUANG, Jian-ping LUO