Vol 34, No 6 (June 2013): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica (Special Feature: Stem cell therapy and drug discovery)

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Roles of small molecules in somatic cell reprogramming   Pages (719-724)
Jian-bin Su, Duan-qing Pei, Bao-ming Qin
Stem cells and small molecule screening: haploid embryonic stem cells as a new tool   Pages (725–731)
Bi Wu, Wei Li, Liu Wang, Zhong-hua Liu, Xiao-yang Zhao
Understanding and targeting cancer stem cells: therapeutic implications and challenges   Pages (732-740) Open
Ke Chen, Ying-hui Huang, Ji-long Chen
Progress and prospects in stem cell therapy   Pages (741-746)
Xiu-ling Xu, Fei Yi, Hui-ze Pan, Shun-lei Duan, Zhi-chao Ding, Guo-hong Yuan, Jing Qu, Hai-chen Zhang, Guang-hui Liu
Mesenchymal stem cells: a new trend for cell therapy   Pages (747-754)
Xin Wei, Xue Yang, Zhi-peng Han, Fang-fang Qu, Li Shao, Yu-fang Shi
Disease modeling and drug screening for neurological diseases using human induced pluripotent stem cells   Pages (755-764) Open
Xiao-hong Xu, Zhong Zhong
iPSCs and small molecules: a reciprocal effort towards better approaches for drug discovery   Pages (765-776)
Ru Zhang, Li-hong Zhang, Xin Xie
Stem cell signaling as a target for novel drug discovery: recent progress in the WNT and Hedgehog pathways   Pages (777-783)
Songzhu Michael An, Qiang Peter Ding, Ling-song Li

Original Article

Mesenchymal stem cells transplantation suppresses inflammatory responses in global cerebral ischemia: contribution of TNF-α-induced protein 6   Pages (784-792)
Qing-ming Lin, Shen Zhao, Li-li Zhou, Xiang-shao Fang, Yue Fu, Zi-tong Huang
Establishment of a human colorectal cancer cell line P6C with stem cell properties and resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs   Pages (793-804) Open
Guan-hua Rao, Hong-min Liu, Bao-wei Li, Jia-jie Hao, Yan-lei Yang, Ming-rong Wang, Xiao-hui Wang, Jun Wang, Hai-jing Jin, Lei Du, Quan Chen
Identification of a small molecule 1,4-bis-[4-(3-phenoxy-propoxy)-but-2-ynyl]-piperazine as a novel inhibitor of the transcription factor p53   Pages (805-810) Open
Xin Liu, Ying Zhang, Man Tong, Xiu-ying Liu, Guan-zheng Luo, Dong-fang Xie, Shao-fang Ren, Dong-hui Bai, Liu Wang, Qi Zhou, Xiu-jie Wang
The small GTPase RhoA, but not Rac1, is essential for conditioned aversive memory formation through regulation of actin rearrangements in rat dorsal hippocampus   Pages (811-818)
Jun Wang, Yu-hua Wang, Yuan-yuan Hou, Tao Xi, Yao Liu, Jing-gen Liu
Nicotine induction of theta frequency oscillations in rodent medial septal diagonal band in vitro   Pages (819-829)
Cheng-biao Lu, Cheng-zhang Li, Dong-liang Li, Zaineb Henderson
Simvastatin suppresses vascular inflammation and atherosclerosis in ApoE−/− mice by downregulating the HMGB1-RAGE axis   Pages (830-836)
Ming Liu, Ying Yu, Hong Jiang, Lei Zhang, Pei-pei Zhang, Peng Yu, Jian-guo Jia, Rui-zhen Chen, Yun-zeng Zou, Jun-bo Ge
Apolipoprotein A-I inhibits LPS-induced atherosclerosis in ApoE−/− mice possibly via activated STAT3-mediated upregulation of tristetraprolin   Pages (837-846)
Kai Yin, Shi-lin Tang, Xiao-hua Yu, Guang-hui Tu, Rong-fang He, Jin-feng Li, Di Xie, Qing-jun Gui, Yu-chang Fu, Zhi-sheng Jiang, Jian Tu, Chao-ke Tang
Allocryptopine and benzyltetrahydropalmatine block hERG potassium channels expressed in HEK293 cells   Pages (847-858)
Kun Lin, Yu-qi Liu, Bin Xu, Jin-liao Gao, Yi-cheng Fu, Yu Chen, Qiao Xue, Yang Li