Vol 12, No 2 (March 1991): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Ocular and cardiovascular pharmacology of tetramethylpyrazine isolated from Ligusticum wallichii Franch Pages(99-104)
George C Y Chiou, Han-ying Yan, Xun-lan Lei, Byron H P Li, Zhu-fang Shen
l-tetrahydropalmatine increases leucine enkephalin levels in corpus striatum of rats Pages(104-107)
Xing-zu Zhu, Zhen Zhou, Xin-quan Ji, Jun Gu, Lu-guang Luo
Determination of DNA topoisomerase II activity from L1210 cells--a target for screening antitumor agents Pages(108-114)
Long-gui Wang, Xiao-mei Liu, Xiu-juan Ji
Inhibition of human cancer cell lines in vitro with mono- and polynucleotides containing 5-mercaptocytosine bases Pages(115-120)
Bao-qin Geng, Yau-kwan Ho, Robert G Hughes Jr, Thomas J Bardos
Prevention of ocular inflammation by matrine, prednisolone, and cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase inhibitors Pages(121-125)
Min S Chang, Ji-gao Xiao, George C Y Chiou
Positive inotropic and toxic action of direct lytic factor on isolated working guinea pig hearts Pages(125-131)
Shou-jian Huang, Chu-kun Wu, Jia-jun Sun
Effects of phencyclidine on contractile forces of isolated rabbit papillary muscles Pages(131-134)
Jia-le Dai, Shao-fen Xu
Influences of a novel immunopotentiator polyactin A on interleukin 1 production and responsiveness in mice Pages(135-140)
Qi-le Hu, Hong Wang, Yu-sheng Wang, Wei-ming Shen, Rong-xiu Chen, Ping Wang
A Bayesian graphic method for predicting individual phenytoin dosage schedule Pages(141-144)
Wei-min Cai, Xiao-man Chu, Gang Chen
Relationship between facilitatory effect of piracetam on memory and glutamate receptors Pages(145-147)
Li-hui Zhang, Shi-shan Zhang
Circadian changes of acetylcholine, choline acetyltransferase, acetylcholinesterase and muscarinic receptors in mouse brain Pages(147-151)
Si-yuan Pan
Parenteral magnesium sulfate exerts no central anticonvulsant action Pages(152-155)
Yu-qing Meng, Yuan-pei Zhang, Rui-ying Fang
4-aminopyridine induced rage reaction in mice Pages(155-159)
Jian-hua Xu, He-chu Liu, Yuan-pei Zhang
Enhancing effect of protein kinase C activation on high K(+)-induced norepinephrine release Pages(160-163)
Hua-yu Huang, Shu-ping Dai
Effect of argipressin and its related compounds on corticotropin releasing hormone contents in hypothalamus of rats Pages(164-166)
Zhi-bing Liu, Ji-zeng Du
Effects of N-ethyl perhexiline on His bundle electrogram in rabbits Pages(167-170)
Jian-an Yao, Bao-heng Zhang, Feng-jian Wu
Effects of metoclopramide on slow response action potentials of myocardium Pages(170-172)
Xiao-dong Lu, Geng-sheng Zhao, Yong-qiang Zhao
Anti-arrhythmia and vegetative nervous system effects of anisodamine Pages(173-176)
Ping Yang, Bao-heng Zhang, Ni Hong
Anti-arrhythmia and anti-lipid peroxidation effects of methylflavonolamine Pages(177-180)
Wen Dun, Li-zhi Yang, Er-feng Zhou, Yue-qin Liang
Distribution of muscarinic receptors of different affinities in smooth muscle of human stomach Pages(180-183)
Zheng-dong Guo, Zhi Li, Ying Ruan, Hua Cong, Ke-yi Zhang
Pharmacokinetics of norethindrone enanthate 200 mg after intramuscular injection in 25 Chinese women Pages(184-187)
Guo-wei Sang, Xin-hua Liu, Qing-xiang Shao, Jun-li Ge, Shu-mei Mao, Feng-ying Lu
Endocrine activity of pseudolaric acids A and B and their effects on sex hormones, prostaglandins, uteri, and fetuses Pages(187-190)
Wei-cheng Wang, Gen-di You, Xiu-juan Jiang, Rong-fa Lu, Zhi-ping Gu
Whole body autoradiographic localization of dimercaptosuccinic acid per os in mice Pages(191-192)
You-yi Liang, Jian-shi Zhang