Vol 11, No 5 (September 1990): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Article

Debrisoquine hydroxylation and sulfamethazine acetylation in a Chinese population   Pages (385-389)
Xiao-meng XU, Wen-de JIANG
Subcellular distribution of glutathione S-transferase in Chinese fetal liver   Pages (389-391)
Sao-bo LEI, Ren-xiu PENG
A simple method for predicting equality of absorption and elimination rate constants   Pages (392-394)
Jin-wen LI, Cai-li ZHANG
6 beta-acetoxy nortropane and its muscarinic receptor kinetics   Pages (394-400)
Ai-yao YU, Chen SUN
Fuzzy cluster for analysis of the relationship between the structure of cephalosporins and immune cross-reaction   Pages (400-406)
Chang-qin HU, Shao-hong JIN, Xue-lan SUN, Mei-duan REN
Pharmacokinetics of [3H]ohmefentanyl in rats   Pages (406-411)
Guo-min ZHAO, Hong-yu ZHOU, Wei-jun ZHENG, Wen-qiao JIN, Zhi-qiang CHI
Effects of the pineal body and melatonin on sensitivity to pain in mice   Pages (411-414)
Shui-wang YING, Zi-qiang HUANG
Effects of verapamil on synaptic transmission in mammalian sympathetic ganglia   Pages (415-418)
Han-qin LIU, Nae J DUN
Effects of silybin on production of oxygen free radical, lipoperoxide and leukotrienes in brain following ischemia and reperfusion   Pages (418-421)
Yao-cheng RUI, Da-zhi ZHANG, Du-xin SUN, Guo-qian ZENG
Electrophysiologic effects of berberine on isolated sinoatrial and atrioventricular nodes of rabbit   Pages (422-427)
Yu WANG, Lie-ju LIU, Da-chao FANG
Protective effects of gypenosides on experimental myocardial infarction   Pages (427-430)
Wei-sheng XIONG, Xiang-dong YAN, Nai SHEN, Fang-long QIU, Xiu CHEN
Effects of tetramethylpyrazine on heart rate and pupil diameter in rats   Pages (431-435)
Walter H HSU, Brent E SMITH
Neutrophil infiltration in ischemic porcine myocardium and protective effect of verapamil   Pages (435-438)
Wu-sheng LUO, Zhao-gui GUO, Xian-liang TANG
Modulation of norepinephrine release in sympathetic nerve endings in renal hypertensive dogs   Pages (438-441)
Biao XU, Ri-xin CHEN, Da-guang CHEN, Lin ZHANG, Jian-min LI
Biphasic effects of caffeine on tension in isolated aorta of rat   Pages (442-445)
Xiao-liang CHEN, Da-ying HAN, Pu ZENG
Hypotensive action of l-stepholidine in relation of dopamine receptors   Pages (445-449)
Tian-hua GU, Zhao-ying ZHANG, Kai-rong ZHOU, Zhen-de ZHANG, Guo-zhang JIN
Effects of nicardipine and chlorpromazine on proliferation and intracellular calmodulin in cultured aortic smooth muscle cells   Pages (450-454)
Zhi-qiang LU, Dao-sheng WANG
Latin square vs twin crossover design for mouse blood glucose assay to estimate insulin potency   Pages (454-457)
Zhi-gong LIN, Hai-jun ZHOU
Effects of clonidine on experimental stomach ulcer in rats   Pages (457-459)
Guan-yi LUO, Yun HE, Ling-bo TU
Anti-gastric ulcer activity of zinc sulfadiazine in rats   Pages (460-462)
Gang-guo GU, Ding-guo YONG, Bao-qin GENG
Partitioning of intravenous lidocaine into gastric juice   Pages (463-466)
Krzysztof JONDERKO
Scavenging effects of sodium ferulate and 18 beta-glycyrrhetic acid on oxygen free radicals   Pages (466-470)
Hai-song JU, Xiao-jie LI, Bao-lu ZHAO, Jing-wu HOU, Zhe-wu HAN, Wen-juan XIN
Effect of bleomycin A5 with calmodulin inhibitor on the proliferation of S-180 cells in vitro   Pages (470-473)
Hong-qing ZHANG, Nong-gao HE, Shao-bai XUE
Drug responses in antigen-induced contractions of tracheal strips of ovalbumin-sensitized guinea pigs   Pages (474-476)
Jin LI, Yun-hong CHU
Effects of immunoagents on circulating serum hemolysin formation in bone marrow and spleen   Pages (477-480)
Xing-xing ZANG, Bo-chu QIAN, Jian LIU